A Short Essay On How To Build A New India

A short essay on how to build a new India focuses on the idea of upskilling every Indian citizen. This concept can be applied to any industry. Many Indians are not interested in working after they retire; they only see a pension as their only benefit. However, it is time for the government to provide the retired citizens with a pension as well as a lot of fund.

The vision of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi for a new India includes the following features: the latest technologies, the best hospitality, a high literacy rate, low poverty and crime rates, and a developed country. The common man should enjoy all facilities at a low cost and without any hassles. Moreover, the government should provide these facilities in a quick and easy manner. This is what the citizens of India deserve.

The first and most important factor that makes a nation great is its people. It is the citizens of India who can build the Great India. With good policies, great thoughts, and nationalist pride, India can emerge as one of the most industrialised nations in the world. The second most dynamic factor is the use of human resources. Any nation’s future depends on its human capital. If India is to succeed in the modern world, it must be highly productive in terms of human capital. A second crucial factor is the optimum use and control of resources. In addition, India needs the best professionals to provide all these facilities.

The third element that enables a country to prosper is the people. If people are motivated and have great ideas, the government can develop a great country. With a strong and progressive population, India can become one of the most advanced, developed, and industrialised nations. A nation’s human capital is its most dynamic element. It needs to be highly productive in terms of its human capital. The optimum use and control of resources is the second most powerful factor. The best professionals are essential to ensure that a nation can sustain itself and thrive.

The people are the most important part of any nation. People should be empowered to participate in their government. They must be capable of making decisions on their own. It is essential to give citizens a voice in the decision-making process. The citizens must be aware of their rights and responsibilities. Besides, democracy is not a spectator sport. They should actively participate in it. The quality of fruit and trees is determined by the soil.

There are many aspects of a great country. But the people are the most important aspect. If the people work together, then the country will prosper. Ultimately, the people will make the nation a great place to live. They will have a good standard of living. If they are motivated, they will also help the nation prosper. A new India should have a high literacy rate, a good standard of living, and be able to cater for its citizens’ needs.

The government must ensure that the people are active participants in their own democracy. They should hold meetings with their local representatives every month to discuss issues that affect their daily lives. No one can expect the government to do all the work for them. They are only temporary employees and their job is to ensure that the citizens have a high quality of life. The quality of the soil is a good indicator of the health of a nation.

A healthy democracy is a necessity for a prosperous nation. Each citizen must strive to do their part to make the country better. It is essential to have a free market. A prosperous nation should provide good jobs for the youth. It should have low unemployment and a high literacy rate. A well-developed economy is a healthy society. Providing such services and facilities to the common people should be the government’s top priority.

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