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A small wooden house to live in

This is how you build it:

The desire to live in a house is something that many people share with one another. We all long for a refuge to retreat to after our work is done. -Better one more own House that we leave for our children so that we can pass on living space and property to them too. And property guarantees freedom. In addition, having your own house is associated with a higher quality of life. Here we can be completely ourselves.
Often with the house comes a garden and with the garden we get a lot of space that you may not know what to do with at the beginning. If you take a look over the garden fence, it becomes clear: Many people still build a small house out of wood? It is often used as a guest house, an extra playroom for the children or a studio. A wooden house exudes a special charm and conveys a pleasant feeling of warmth and security. Here’s a little guide on how to build a small wooden house in your garden.

Build a little house out of wood? The first steps

To begin with, it is advisable to do some questions to deliver.

  • How much space is available?
  • What should the wooden house be used for?
  • Will I or my guests stay in this house?
  • So should there be electricity and water connections?

The requirements for your new construction project result from the answers to the above questions. Depending on the requirements, you determine where the house is to be built, what material it should be made of, how big it will be and what it all costs. At best, you summarize all requirements in a corresponding list and thus get a more precise idea of ​​your building project and its feasibility. Now you can proceed to work out more specific plans. You might even make a sketch and determine how many rooms the house will have. In the event that you want to store garden tools or furniture there, it is a good idea to put a small tool shed next to the house. You should also think about a small terrace. After all, the wooden house is in your garden, possibly surrounded by pretty flower beds.

From planning to implementation

Before you start building, some critical decisions should be made:

What is your budget Which material do you want to use? (At the moment there is a shortage of many building materials. Therefore, you should also inquire when the material will be available at all!)

A few thousand euros should be budgeted for small wooden houses for living. The construction method often depends on the expertise you have. Log planks make construction easier. Whole ones are even easier Kitsthat you can buy at the hardware store. For the professional woodworker, a house built from scratch using wooden slats and profiles is definitely the most exciting.

Once all the decisions have been made, the next step is to order the material. In the hardware store of your choice or online, there are a large number of providers who deliver building materials to your door, which, however, is sometimes associated with high delivery fees. Are you lacking certain tools? -You can also borrow this from the hardware store. Providers like www.pineca.de/holzhauser/kleine/ offer everything a timber house builder’s heart desires. They also support you in planning and building your small wooden house.

The construction of the wooden house will take some time. Of course, it mainly depends on how much time you can spare for your project and whether you find supporters in your family or among friends.

If you don’t trust yourself to build yourself or if you don’t have the time, the best thing to do is to hire a craftsman to implement your construction project. However, you should find someone early, as most craft businesses have full order books and are often booked out for many months.

Building your own small wooden house creates a special connection between you and the house. It will always be something that you created from nothing with your own hands. You leave something lasting.

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