A suitable donor was found for Ida

As the DKMS confirms in a short message on its website, a donor has been found for little Ida, who is currently being treated in the Cologne University Hospital. Family and friends have been hoping for this incredibly redeeming news for weeks.

In one of us on 02.11. published article, we also joined the ranks of the media who wanted to actively help – and hoped that all these reports and calls could mobilize so many people to register with the DKMS to also support Ida and their parents to find a suitable donor.

Now it was announced today that those calls have paid off. Ida now has a real chance at life. We would also like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all the people who shared and disseminated our post on social media. All of this – and the kind wishes that we read in the comments – put a big smile on our faces – and certainly Ida and her family too!

Now the little mouse still has a no less difficult part of her journey ahead of her. For Ida’s parents, too, the coming period will be a particularly intense stress test. Because from the time of the transplant, a parent with a child will be isolated for a full six weeks. This is the only way Ida can be protected from any germs in her particularly weakened state.

Ida says thank you
Image: © DKMS press office

We wish Ida, her family, all her friends and acquaintances that she can cope with the stem cell transplantation, recover quickly – and lead a long and healthy life.

Thanks from Ida’s grandmother to the donor

The 1st milestone has been reached!!!

Whoever you are…

You are an angel for US, a hero, an incredibly great, selfless person who gives our little Ida a part of herself… the part she needs to live!

91 days we have waited for you,

91 days that demanded EVERYTHING.

91 days not to wish on your worst enemy.


When the time is right, we will hopefully get to know you and be sure: you are already part of the family, because from now on she is also YOUR little Ida.

Ida’s grandmother

If you are now thinking about getting typed in order to be able to save the lives of people like Ida with a stem cell donation, then follow this link for more information.

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