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A tour of a remodeled Victorian home in Worcestershire

Today we invite you to take a tour of a completely renovated Victorian apartment in Worcestershite. Do we want to see together how the new residents combine the old flair of the apartment with modern style? Come with us, let’s start!

The corridor – cozy and happy

bench in the hallway

The hallway welcomes you every time you step on the threshold

See the Sitzbank in the hallway with the funny “Hello” pillow? It was made by a local carpenter and looks perfect in this small room. This way, the homeowners have additional, much-needed storage space – and have saved a bit of money because they received the handmade bank as a gift from a family friend.

The living room is subordinate to a theme – Wildlife

decoration-in-the-living room

The decoration in the living room and in other rooms of the apartment is subordinate to the theme of animals and shows the homeowner’s love for animals

A cozy living room invites you to linger longer. The decorative pillows show the individual preferences of the house owner, namely to protect the animal world!

The sitting area in the living room combines comfort and functionality in one

sitting area-in-the-living room

This sitting area in the living room is executed in a soft blue. So that it doesn’t get monotonous, a few splashes of paint have been distributed here and there

The The L-shaped sofa has a sleeping function so that you are well prepared for unexpected guests. The neutral color has a calming and relaxing effect. A few splashes of color are scattered here and there, like the red lampshade and the light and yellow pillows. They give the cozy seating area additional charm.


small kitchen

The small kitchen now has a completely new look, is practical and functional

The kitchenDesigning was the biggest challenge for the young couple, but they really enjoyed working on it. The homeowners spend a lot of time here as they enjoy cooking and baking. Originally they had new, shiny cupboards in the kitchen, but they were impractical. Another problem bothered the young people there: you could hear noise in the chimney! The cold slate floor tiles also turned out to be a nightmare as they were difficult to clean. The couple bought a new stove, but it did not fit in the space intended for it. That was the last drop that broke the barrel! The house owners finally convinced themselves that a new kitchen was needed. That was exactly what they needed. A local company then helped them quickly remodel the kitchen space. Solid wood kitchen units and composite worktop fit perfectly. A door was about to be replaced, but that was correct. The kitchen has been given a new look and is now the family’s favorite place.


We also see the theme of wildlife on the wallpaper in the stairwell

We also see the theme of wildlife on the wallpaper in the corridor. The wall mirrors create the illusion that the stairwell is bigger than it actually is!

The bedroom –Very comfortable and bright


The simply furnished bedroom is cozy and functional

The couple chose a neutral backgroundaround for the bedroom so that it could add a splash of color through accessories. The walls are done in a really soft, warm color with a brown undertone, brightening up the room and making it look wider.

Decorative fireplace in the bedroom


The fireplace now only has a decorative function

The Hausbesitzer have turned their fireplace into an eye-catcher. This is undoubtedly a good idea, especially when the fireplace is no longer in use. Now it only has a decorative function. They decided to spice up the chair with pink legs. They match the pink photo frame on the white mantelpiece.

Small children’s room on the roof

small-children's room

The attic is transformed into a romantic children’s room

This room is designed for a little princess. The children’s room is on the top floor and exudes cosiness and romance. The back wall is painted pink and has wall stickers on – a great idea and a lot cheaper than any wallpaper.

The bathroom

beautiful bathroom

A beautiful bathroom can also be remodeled with little money

One year after moving, knocked outthe new homeowners could finally afford a new bathroom. They removed a closet from a corner of the room that was taking up a lot of space. There is now her urgently needed separate shower, the bathtub is next to it. The couple carefully selected all bathroom accessories, depending on their budget, so that they give the bathroom character. Yes, the beauty is in the details!

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