About How Many Straight Line Miles Separate Aleppo And Palmyra

Palmyra, Syria – How Many Straight Line Miles Separate Aleppo From Palmyra?

To get a rough idea of how far Aleppo is from Palmyra, we can look at the distance between the cities on a map. The distance is 342 km (about 192 miles). If you’re using a straight line, this distance will take about 2.1 hours. But there are other ways to get from Palmyra to Aleppo.

Ancient caravan cities like Palmyra were once important centers of powerful states in the Middle East. The ancient city of Palmyra grew as a staging area for caravans traveling between the Mediterranean and the East. Its prosperity resulted from tolls charged on caravans. The Romans, however, considered Palmyra a buffer state between themselves and the Persians and gave it relative independence in exchange for cooperation.

A straight line distance is less than half the distance of a curved one. A flat map would make this distance appear much longer. Fortunately, the distance from Palmyra to Aleppo by air is only a fraction of the Great Circle.

Palmyra is a city with a lot of architectural wonders. The city is over four square miles in size and would take two days to explore in its entirety. Visiting at sunrise or sunset is a particularly beautiful experience. The light is magical. A trip to Palmyra will provide you with an enlightening glimpse of life in ancient Palmyra.

As the war in Syria continues, the Islamic State continues to gain ground. The Assad regime has already imposed a long siege on rebel-controlled parts of the city, signaling that he will seize the opportunity to make a move. The Syrian military has been overextended and depleted for years, but the Islamic State militants have recently recaptured Palmyra. The city is now home to about 30,000 residents and is known for its beautiful temples and ancient monuments.

In the fourth century A.D., the city’s fortunes were dictated by its half-Greek, half-Arab queen Zenobia. She was a colorful and successful ruler who was deemed the most powerful woman of the Orient. She minted coins bearing her image, and made her son heir to the Roman Empire.

The victory in Aleppo has also been a boost for the Iranian leadership. Iranian support for Assad’s regime was key in retaking the city. Iranian officials are also using the victory to send a message to the Trump administration. The Syrian government needs the international community’s help to continue the fight against the Islamic State.

ISIS has been responsible for desecration of many classical sites. The last remaining Roman columns could easily be pulled down by a group of soldiers. Some of these columns are the size of a Sequoia tree trunk. The faith in the past keeps them in place. Sadly, ISIS has also destroyed the tomb of Mohammed Bin Ali, the companion of Imam Ali. ISIS has used explosives to destroy the tomb.

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