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The Taiwanese manufacturer Access Motor (ACM) intends to market the ATVs and quads it produces under the Access Motor brand. OEM projects, in the context of which vehicles built by ACM are also sold under the names of private labels without in-house production, are to be stopped. Access Motor: future distribution under the Access Motor brand“The sales structure will be realigned,” announced Sean Huang, Managing Director of Access Motor in Taiwan.

Brand Access Motor: Stop private label OEM projects

Based in Tai-Pao, Chiay province, Taiwan, Access Motor has been producing ATVs and quads since 2000. The range currently includes children’s quads, sports quads and ATVs with engines from 50 to 700 cubic. The factory is privately owned and is one of the three pillars of the Huang family.
“Flexibility and logical future projects are the key issues with which ACM will remain an integral part of the ATV and quad scene in the near future,” says Sean Huan, whose company now produces all the engines used itself. “That makes ACM independent of other manufacturers. We also produce a variety of other parts in our factories so that we can quickly respond to market demands.” In this regard, Sean Huang announces that a variety of new products will be launched over the next two years.

Access Motor: Current range from 50 to 700 cc

ACM currently offers ATVs and quads with engines from 50 to 700 cc. Apart from the 450cc sport quad AMX 4.38, which is sent into the race with a 5-speed transmission and reverse gear, the vehicles from the Taiwanese manufacturer are equipped with CVT variomatic transmissions; the models from 400 cc have electronically controlled injection systems from Bosch. Access Motor: current models from 50 to 700 cc with Euro 3 engines and starting with Euro 4 engines“Maxxis tires and many parts from Japanese OEM suppliers guarantee a high level of quality in all of our products,” assures Sean Huang.

Access: brings 800cc turbo engine

On top of that, ACM – largely unnoticed by the scene – has developed a considerable portfolio of technologies and drives in recent years that comply with the future European exhaust gas and approval regulations. Euro 3 engines are already standard at ACM, and in the next two years the entire engine range of the Access Motor brand should correspond to Euro 4, the highlight of which is an 800 cc single-cylinder turbo engine with an output of more than 60 PS is already in the starting blocks. “A strong UTV, whose drive is on a new level, is currently being constructed,” promises Sean Huang, who, however, still keeps a secret about the cubature and number of cylinders.

Professional aftersales service

“These developments involve huge investments,” argues Sean Huang. “For this reason, we have decided to sell our vehicles under our own Access Motor brand in the future.” Access's engineare to provide professional after-sales service. After all, the work of a producer does not end with the sale of a vehicle. As a second step to satisfy both the dealers and the ATV and quad riders, it is important to offer good technical support and a perfect supply of spare parts.”

Trademark Goes: no explicit statement

If the Taiwanese sell their vehicles exclusively under the Access Motor brand in the future, the Goes brand would have to look for new suppliers for important models in their range, after all, the ATV type G 725i S and the sports quad G 450 SM are two Volume models of this brand from ACM. Sean Huang has not yet commented explicitly on the subject of Goes, and Laurent Cartier, Business Development Manager at Goes Europe, refers to existing contracts and ongoing discussions about continuing the cooperation with Access Motor. x

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