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Achieve a gorgeous effect in the home design through the blackboard wall

How do you create a pleasant atmosphere at home that is also interesting for children? Pick a small part in your interior and give that corner a different color. Having a blackboard wall as an accent in the interior is very trendy. Your surface can then be used for small notes or children’s drawings. You can write on it with chalk or with suitable pens.

Living room diamond pattern carpet hanging lamp slate Eames chair-blackboard wall

Living room with diamond pattern carpet, hanging lamp, slate board and Eames chair

Today we will show you how you can turn your own chalk wall into a visual eye-catcher with a can of blackboard paint and a brush. Scroll through our picture gallery and discover your favorite variant.

The blackboard wall is very trendy and represents a wonderful accent in the interior. Depending on your preferences, you can redesign a wall, a piece of furniture or an accessory with the blackboard color. You can even bravely paint the refrigerator door for an original effect and use it to create a place for your shopping list, for a calendar or the children’s doodle.

Living design modern kitchen marble kitchen back wall high gloss blackboard wall

Living design – modern kitchen with marble kitchen back wall

You can’t go wrong with any furnishing style with the blackboard color, because it brings a touch of elegance into both the modern ambience and the rustic living design. If you still have concerns, scroll down further.

Bedroom youth room designer eclectic yellow black white chalkboard wall

Eclectic youth room in yellow, black and white

In the office or at the work desk at home, the practical use of a blackboard wall is a matter of course. On it you can spontaneously write down your ideas and keep them in mind, because the paper notes are a thing of the past.

Kitchen dining area high gloss modern tiles white board wall

High-gloss kitchen and dining area

The black color would contrast wonderfully with white furniture and highlight it in combination with Eames chairs in a modern interior design.

This dark blackboard color should be handled carefully, otherwise too much of it will appear cloudy and depressing.

You can experiment with this idea and reinvent it every day. Exchange small messages or enjoy your children’s drawings. What is written or drawn, even with colored chalk, can be easily wiped away in seconds.

The blackboard wall brings charm to every house. Hopefully you already have an idea in mind that you want to try.

Nursery bedroom painting blackboard wall

The painting on the blackboard wall is the real eye-catcher here!

Dining table round table dining room black blackboard color blackboard wall

Small round table for cozy hours with a bottle of wine

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