ACV commercial clip with “Atze-V” Atze Schröder

ACVHow do you still attract attention on the Internet today? Exactly, with extraordinary video clips. The ACV thought the same and shot a few episodes with Atze Schröder on the fictitious Atze-V, Atze’s not-too-serious traffic training ground.


With the branded comedy format, the ACV starts a three-year marketing campaign with Atze Schröder. Certainly, for many, the name ACV does not immediately ring a bell, although the Automobile Club Verkehr is a real automobile club. The association, based in Cologne, has 300,000 members and has existed since 1962, making it the third largest automobile club in Germany. According to Wikipedia, the ACV is a so-called ideal club that pursues non-material goals and does not strive for profit – certainly one reason why the logo rarely appears in everyday life and in advertisements. Fast pan-European breakdown and accident assistance, vehicle return transport, assistance abroad and travel advice are part of his core business. Despite expansion of the range of services, he has been offering his service for ten years at stable membership fees.

Atze, Frau Becker, Rudi and Melissa operate the traffic training area. In five entertaining episodes they encounter bizarre situations and minor catastrophes. In the episode “Heat Wave” Atze has to deal with a novice driver who didn’t quite understand the right before left thing. Since Atze is the temporary manager of the traffic training area, he hands it over to Rudi without further ado and spends his time doing other non-work things that he feels like doing. Whether the (real) ACV inspires a lot of trust with the commercials remains to be seen – in any case, the clip fits the current heat wave in this country.

This article was sponsored by ACV.

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