Adam Cemetery

Adam Cemetery in Berks County, Pennsylvania, is Rich in History

Have you ever visited a cemetery and noticed its tombstones? Often these monuments depict a blend of truths, hearsay, whimsy and legend that make for interesting reading.

Adams Cemetery in Cumru Township, Wilbraham, Massachusetts stands as proof. Here family ties have remained strong over generations.

Early Life and Education

Henry Adams had an unconventional education. Growing up on a small farm and receiving limited and dry learning methods supplemented with hours spent reading in his father’s library.

His three fathers before him had attended Harvard College; however, unlike them he wasn’t as concerned with academic honors; rather he sought and found excellence elsewhere.

After Marian Hooper “Clover” Adams took her own life in 1885, her husband Robert Adams embarked on a search for peace by traveling with artist John La Farge to Japan and studying Buddhist philosophy and culture. On his return home he commissioned Augustus Saint-Gaudens to design a monument at her gravesite.

Professional Career

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Achievement and Honors

The Adams family has accomplished much during its history, and continues to do so today. Of their many accolades, one that stands out is Henry Adams being awarded with the Medal of Honor for his service in World War I.

Cemetery residents also find comfort knowing that many graves containing Civil War veterans are maintained by Berks County Department of Veterans Affairs.

Volunteers have begun fundraising for a restoration project that will repair tombstones and walls that have been vandalized over time, beginning this June and July.

Personal Life

Berks County’s oldest, least-known, and historically rich plot is one of just over an acre size and lies hidden by trees and bushes, owned by Bernhard Adam himself, its creator. It was established on land owned by his last heirs.

When some mischievous teens wreaked havoc at this cemetery in 1968, 41 tombstones were overturned by vandals and it took six years for repairs to be complete. Now the cemetery is again being targeted with vandalism.

At this point, funds for restoration will come from a trust fund created in 1949 by Lucy Davis who was one of the last of Lucy Davis’ heirs of the cemetery. Willy Schwartz (66) and his sister Ellen (64), serve as self-appointed caretakers of its property.

Net Worth

The Adam Cemetery sits on a 5-1/2 acre plot that Bernhard Adams acquired from Caleb and Hannah Jones in 1798 and serves as the final resting place for five generations of his descendants. William (Willy) Schwartz from Old Wyomissing Road and Ellen Schwartz who are 64 and 66 respectively take care in maintaining this plot for over 150 years now.

In 2000, several of us spent several hours combing through the small rectangular plot filled with tombstones dating back to colonial America in search of any possible buried stones that might have been missed during that search. Jack Briles, Lois Mauk and Stephen Franklin helped search efforts during that search period; during which we discovered one very large cross-shaped stone which we suspect may be one of the first graves unearthed at that site.

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