Adam Dorosheff

Adam Dorosheff, 18, Charged With Criminal Sexual Assault and Other Crimes

Adam Dorosheff, 18, from Springfield was charged this week with criminal sexual assault and related crimes for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman while working as manager at Lincoln Tower apartments. It’s reported that this incident took place in January.

He was arrested on May 23 and accused by authorities of possessing and receiving child pornographic material on his computer.

Early Life and Education

Dorosheff was working as an apartment manager at Lincoln Tower in Springfield at the time. On May 20, he allegedly sexually assaulted a woman by inviting her over to his apartment and telling her he wanted to watch a movie with her before touching her inappropriately, according to police reports.

He then pushed her onto his bed and began taking off her undergarment, according to a police report. Additionally, he placed his hands around her neck leaving marks behind.

Dorosheff was charged with possessing over 2,000 child pornographic images and videos featuring prepubescent minors engaging in sexually explicit conduct, most often prepubescent minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct. After conducting a forensic analysis on his computer, Dorosheff was found guilty on two counts of receiving child pornography and one of possessing child pornography.

Professional Career

Dorosheff was employed at Lincoln Tower Apartments in Springfield as an apartment manager, according to the FBI. According to them, Dorosheff downloaded over 2,000 child pornography images and 28 videos from various websites onto his computer from October 2015 until March 3, 2016, when an arrest warrant was executed at his apartment building and computer, external hard drive, flash drives were confiscated – these will face legal consequences of up to 20 years imprisonment, five years to life imprisonment as well as a $250,000 fine at sentencing.

Court documents indicate that an 18-year-old female reported Dorosheff picked her up at 7:30 pm on May 20 and drove her directly to his apartment at Lincoln Tower, where he assaulted her, according to court documents.

Achievement and Honors

Dorosheff and his team won the High Reserve Component in the Interservice Rifle Team Championship (10 man match). He also participated in the XPLOIT (Army Physical Fitness Testing) competition where he achieved fourth overall placement.

Adam Dorosheff was charged in May with criminal sexual assault and abuse against an 18-year-old woman at his Lincoln Tower apartments home on May 20. It is alleged that Dorosheff allegedly attacked her.

Dorosheff is one of 14 students from four local high schools participating in the LLCEO program, representing Lincoln Community High School seniors Trent Whitham and Anthony Brummett; Lincoln Community juniors Lauren Canady, Joy Chi, Noah Henry, Adriana Doolin as well as Hartsburg-Emden senior Hunter Langley from Greenview High School’s Madison Shawgo and Olympia Senior Bond Robertson are also involved.

Personal Life

Dorosheff lives at Lincoln Towers apartment building in Springfield and has lived there for 17 years without marrying or having children of his own. Additionally, Dorosheff serves as the manager for this property.

At his trial on March 3, 2016, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) presented evidence that Dorosheff had acquired and possessed over 2,000 child pornographic images and 28 videos featuring prepubescent minors engaging in sexually explicit conduct. After being found guilty on both counts, he could face up to 20 years imprisonment, five years supervised release and a $250,000 fine upon sentencing.

At trial, prosecutors extensively cross-examined Dorosheff’s character witnesses who testified to his law-abiding nature and good standing within his community, as well as how he was treated by his employer.

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