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Dowler faces immense pressure to live up to his older brother’s legacy on the track and make his own mark in racing – and is making progress towards doing just that.

Early Life and Education

Adam Dowler is an Oswego East high school baseball player currently recovering from Tommy John surgery and could potentially make Louisville next season, should everything go according to plan.

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Professional Career

Dowler is a Family Physician currently serving as Medical Director for the WNC Area Health Education Center in Asheville. She earned both her undergraduate and medical degrees at Appalachian State University; the latter from Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University; membership in North Carolina Academy of Family Physicians and American Board of Family Medicine are among her affiliations. Dowler is extremely dedicated to public service; working tirelessly against sexually transmitted infections while simultaneously helping Medicaid adapt to changes during pandemic outbreak. Involvement in projects intended to increase access for women and families especially those with complex needs is something she takes pride in undertaking; both reside in Madison County and Raleigh locations.

Last season he pitched 14 games out of Louisville’s bullpen with an 4.91 ERA and 18 strikeouts over 14.2 innings pitched. Prior to Louisville he graduated from Oswego East High School where he participated as both an athlete and two-sport athlete; playing both baseball and football during high school years.

Personal Life

Dowler has endured many difficulties throughout his young life, from Tommy John surgery to grieving the loss of his grandmother, but has persevered and now stands a chance at becoming one of college baseball’s premier stars.

He’s a top-class pitcher with the skills and work ethic needed to take his career far. Plus, he’s a wonderful youngster with a fantastic attitude; I look forward to watching his journey unfold further in 2019.

Erika Holycross, vocalist and accordion player of Push Me Pull You is joined onstage by Dan Sherwood (guitar), Leslie Dowler (keyboard and vocals) and Adam Darlin (drums) to create Americana music as Push Me Pull You. They met through serendipitous events but remain friends; later reconnecting when Dan opened Big Basement in the Sky rehearsal and recording studio.

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