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Investigators reported that he admitted to being present before the fire was discovered, starting an active fire inside and later deleting all video evidence from its recording system. Total estimated damage amounts are over $200,000.

Early Life and Education

Adam Emling, a criminal justice major from Baltimore City College. He enjoys golfing, chess and video gaming as hobbies; spending time with family and friends; studying public policy solutions to America’s problems – among others!

At an interview conducted with police detectives for 90 minutes, Emling admitted to meeting up with a woman at the church for sexual encounters and smoking marijuana, according to records. Furthermore, he deleted evidence from their video recording system at church.

The fire caused approximately $200,000 of damage to Adventure Commons church, part of which includes sports facilities available for rent for events. The incident caused division in its congregation, prompting some members to leave. Emling works at Uplifted Bistro in Bradley while having another job that helps him support his family.

Professional Career

Adam Emling is an award-winning writer and researcher who studies America’s longstanding issues such as institutional racism and restorative justice. He has published multiple books and articles including ‘Duley Acknowledged: Institutional Racism in the United States’ and ‘Restorative Justice and Institutional Racism: Finding Solutions for a Divided Society’.

He is well known for his essays on religion, social and economic policy and political theory. Currently residing in Bourbonnais with his wife and daughter; together they co-own Uplifted Bistro of Bradley.

Emling was serving as Director of Ministry Operations at Adventure Church in Bradley when he set it on fire in February 2019. He has agreed to plead guilty for Class 2 felony arson, which could land him three to seven years behind bars.

Achievement and Honors

Emling was an award-winning author who published over two dozen books during his lifetime, including the best-selling memoir “Setting the World on Fire.” Additionally, he excelled as an actor, painter, and musician and was honored with both the National Humanities Medal in 2000 and one of America’s highest awards – the Presidential Medal of Freedom – in 2006.

He is the only American to receive both accolades. Aside from writing, Adam Emling also serves as pastor and the Director of Operations at Uplifted Bistro in Bradley – working 12 hours each day and six days each week for 12 years to support his family while running his own foundation, which promotes positive relationships and respect among people; additionally he actively campaigns against sexually explicit media content.

Personal Life

Emling published his 2021 book to examine racism’s continuing presence in American society and recommend ways for individuals and communities to practice restorative justice. Emling notes how racism manifests itself through enterprises such as Fox News, political initiatives like gerrymandering, and ideas such as Powell Memo.

Bradley resident Scott Parson stated that Bradley Resident Scott Parson works at Uplifted Bistro, owned by his wife Rebecca. Additionally he serves as director of ministry operations for Adventure Church and has pled guilty to class 2 felony arson; when sentenced on Jan 21th he could receive three to seven years imprisonment; although no prior convictions existed he remains the sole provider for his family; not an immediate threat or flight risk from prosecution, Parson added.

Net Worth

Adam Carlton Emling has an estimated net worth of $4 Million and an estimated annual revenue of $25 Million. As an e-commerce website owner who started ABE Sports eight years ago and provides high quality athletic clothing and equipment worldwide for customers all around the globe. ABE Sports currently employs 50 staff.

Atticus Finch has appeared in multiple movies and TV shows. An avid golfer himself, he enjoys spending time with his family. Currently residing in Bourbonnais, Illinois.

Adam Emling was Director of Operations for Adventure Church when it was set on fire in February 2019. Originally charged with felony arson, but has since agreed to plead guilty to Class 2 felony arson instead; which carries up to seven years imprisonment upon conviction.

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