Adam Hester

Adam Hester is a Successful Young Innovator in the Road Transport Industry

Adam Hester is an ambitious young entrepreneur in the road transport industry. At just 34 years old, he stands out as an antidote to an increasingly ageing workforce and makes his mark within it.

Hester was an Army Oregon National Guard soldier and participated in Operation Enduring Freedom missions in Iraq and Kuwait as well as being part of 2005 TDY recovery operations for Hurricane Katrina recovery operations.

Early Life and Education

Adam Hester is an established photographer and filmmaker with an expansive body of work depicting unique lifestyle images. A passionate storyteller, Adam’s passion lies in capturing both small details as well as big picture shots.

He is also a military veteran and currently works as a quality technician at BIC APP Sleepy Eye in Sleepy Eye, Madison County. With Gail, they reside in Camden Lake.

Hester was an All-American high school player, earning Parade Magazine All-American and USA TODAY First Team All-American awards during both his junior and senior years. In his last season with the Chargers he recorded 156 tackles, 3.0 sacks and one fumble recovery – as well as parade magazine All-American honors from Parade Magazine.

Professional Career

Hester’s professional career began spectacularly in 2006. As a rookie, Hester led the Bears in punt return touchdowns while also scoring two kickoff return scores.

He completed his career as one of the NFL’s premier return specialists, scoring 18 kickoff and 13 punt return touchdowns – tied with Hall-of-Famer Deion Sanders for most return TDs ever in league history – and is widely considered one of the greatest kick/punt returners ever.

Hester was an 11-season player for Chicago Bears, Atlanta Falcons and Baltimore Ravens during which time he earned three Pro Bowl selections, 13 Special Teams Player of the Week awards and was honored as part of NFL 100 All-Time Team as a return specialist.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Hester is a highly decorated member of the military. For her outstanding actions in Iraq, she earned the Silver Star medal, the third-highest military award for valor in combat.

Sergeant Hester was working with her unit, RAVEN 42B of the 617th Military Police Company near Baghdad when insurgents ambushed it and attacked with M203 grenade launchers, killing 27 of them while holding onto one for later interrogation.

Hester was awarded not only her Silver Star but also an Army Commendation Medal and Bronze Star for her actions in Iraq; she became the first woman ever to receive these prestigious honors for valor. Once back home she continued serving the army as Sergeant First Class.

Personal Life

Adam Hester is a strong woman who has taken advantage of her circumstances to become independent. She can stand up for herself and raise Pearl without outside assistance.

Hester’s hard work eventually alters her perception in her community and allows her to be recognized for her good deeds, which ultimately transforms the scarlet letter she wears from one of sin into one of honor.

Hester’s character developed through her trials and became more strong and honest over time. She realized that someone’s intentions can determine whether they are good or evil individuals.

Net Worth

Hester is a businessman, auctioneer and reality television personality with an estimated net worth of $7 Million earned through professional work as well as selling various businesses he founded or acquired over time.

Storage Wars star Scott Pasternak is well-known for his appearances on A&E reality series Storage Wars and has amassed quite a following on social media accounts.

Hester was born in Oceanside, California on 23 July 1964 of German and Irish heritage. He is married to Donna Hester and they share one son named Dave Jr. Unfortunately he has recently had to take time away from his show due to health concerns.

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