Adam Hissner

Adam Hissner

Adam Hissner is a professional cornhole player and has won multiple national tournaments. Additionally, he established Tailgating Ventures which creates brands associated with cornhole games and tailgating events. Co-founding American Tailgating League as co-director. One of highest paid players of cornhole – currently living in New Philadelphia Ohio

Early Life and Education

Adam was the original human created by God in Genesis 1. Adam and Eve enjoyed life together until they both made the mistake of eating from the forbidden tree and were expelled from Eden.

They had three sons together – Cain, Abel and Seth. Genesis records their birth dates and death dates as well as any known medical conditions they might have had at either age.

The Bible mentions Adam had other sons and daughters who are unnamed in Genesis 1-5; it’s important to keep this in mind since Adam’s offspring would also collectively be called humans.

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