Adam Holden

Adam Holden

Holden is an award-winning musician, songwriter, and artist renowned for creating paintings which explore spirituality, traditions and knowledge systems within indigenous warrior culture.

He specializes in painting the human form in oil, creating portraits in charcoal and documenting his underwater adventures through photography. These pieces have been shown worldwide.

Early Life and Education

Adam Holden hails from East London in England. At twelve, he began singing and playing classical music instruments, now performing both solo as well as with folk duo Another Penny.

His songs explore political realities from an intimate, personal viewpoint with lyrics and musical arrangements that reflect both his love of ideas and commitment to social justice.

Mike Holden’s art depicts warrior mentalities, warfare itself, spirituality and love among various First Nations tribes of Turtle Island. His vibrant paintings feature vibrant colors rich with history and traditional symbology.

Professional Career

Adam Holden brings over 20 years of experience as a dedicated educator and administrator to Fort Hays State University as an assistant professor, where he offers courses on educational research and cultural diversity.

He specializes in supervising and assessing school personnel. Additionally, he regularly attends training sessions and assists less experienced administrators with mentoring sessions.

Holden holds doctorate degrees from both Cambridge and California Coast Universities, an education specialist degree from Fort Hays State University, and master’s from Washburn University. As part of his doctoral research in Central America – where he developed a mobile application to deliver high-quality professional development for teachers in marginalized communities – Holden spent five years as a doctoral researcher creating high quality professional development for teachers within marginalized communities through mobile apps. Furthermore, Holden published numerous books related to digital technologies and blended learning and has presented keynote talks about these subjects at conferences throughout Asia Europe North & South America over his five year long stint as doctoral researcher.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Holden has received many honors and awards during his distinguished career as an educator, conducting educational research and leading initiatives.

Holden has been an essential member of numerous educational institutions across Europe, North America, and Central America as both an educator at university level as well as K-12 educator – acting both as university leader and executive director – while serving on campus leadership teams and serving on executive director committees.

Since August 22, 2022, he has served as Interim Head of School at Saint Mary’s School. He brings significant expertise in institutional strategic planning, executive leadership training, in-depth coaching sessions and professional development.

As a former PGA golf professional, he initiated First Tee programs in Hobart and Tasmania in December 2019. Starting off by making what has since been described as a “grizzle phone call” to the PGA head office in California, his involvement has since helped shape First Tee programs across Australia.

Personal Life

Adam is a hardworking, honest, and committed attorney. He takes great pleasure in helping his clients meet their goals while aggressively representing them before trial.

Adam loves spending his free time with friends and family – particularly his wife and son – as well as animals – specifically dogs!

Holden, who is still in his 20s, still struggles with becoming an adult. He resents what he sees as compromises, lost innocence and lack of integrity in adult life.

Olive and Malcolm turn to Holden for advice about Tom’s behavior; he advises them that they inform Adam immediately as he doesn’t trust Tom.

Net Worth

Adam Holden is a British actress and singer. She has appeared in multiple television programs and movies.

Born February 16th 1971 in Portsmouth, Hampshire and raising her childhood in Bishop’s Waltham before attending Swanmore College for higher studies.

Bishop’s Waltham Little Theatre Company provided her with the perfect opportunity to learn stagecraft basics before enrolling at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts for further training.

Holden became well known throughout Britain after her appearance on Britain’s Got Talent as a judge and has also appeared in various dramas such as Wild at Heart.

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