Adam Hopper

Adam Hopper

Adam Hopper is a percussion educator, composer and performer in southern Kentucky. He serves as director of percussion at Southwestern High School in Somerset as well as co-director of bands at Southern Middle School.

His groups have earned proficient and distinguished ratings at festivals and competitions throughout Kentucky. Additionally, he has presented clinics to schools and universities all across America.

Early Life and Education

Hopper was born in Nyack, New York and studied art as a child. Early in his career he displayed various styles and techniques inspired by paintings of his peers.

In his later years, he became well known for his use of dramatic viewpoints and lighting. His compositions often conveyed feelings of isolation or loneliness.

His works also made an immeasurable contribution to cinema, with House by the Railroad providing inspiration for Alfred Hitchcock’s house in Psycho and Terrence Malick’s in Days of Heaven.

Hopper was not only known for her art; she was also an accomplished mathematician and self-taught multiple languages. In 1928 she received her Ph.D. from Vassar College, teaching mathematics until 1934 there. Additionally she audited courses such as astronomy, geology, bacteriology biology horticulture.

Professional Career

Adam Hopper is a professional percussionist and educator by trade, currently holding positions as both director of Southwestern High School in Somerset Kentucky as well as co-director of bands at Southern Middle School. It has been both exciting and rewarding teaching his students the science of music within such an exceptional musical setting and seeing its results manifest themselves onstage.

Adam finds great satisfaction in passing on his passion for music to future generations, which is why he’s currently planning and organizing an extraordinary concert series for his students. It will showcase some of the finest performers around and is sure to be an unforgettable night!

Achievement and Honors

Adam Hopper is an accomplished percussion educator, composer and performer based in Somerset, Kentucky. Currently he serves as Director of Percussion at Southwestern High School.

He has performed at events like the Elk Grove Percussion Festival and Biltmore House in Asheville, North Carolina as well as other performances across Kentucky and surrounding regions. Additionally, he holds memberships with both Kentucky Music Educators Association and Percussive Arts Society.

Tim has received numerous accolades for his percussion music education, such as the Kentucky Governor’s Award for Excellence in Percussion Education and Kentucky Music Educators Association Best of Class award. Additionally, he proudly endorses Vic Firth sticks and mallets.

Personal Life

Adam Hopper was introduced to art at an early age through concerts and cultural events attended with his parents who encouraged his pursuit.

Hopper attended the New York School of Art from 1900 to 1906 under William Merritt Chase and Robert Henri. Additionally, he spent some time painting scenic views in Paris while reading French literature.

He gained fame through his paintings of open-ended narratives that resonated with writers and musicians, inspiring Joyce Carol Oates, Tom Waits, Madonna to refer back to them in their works. His paintings are widely referenced today.

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