Adam Kennybrew

Adam Kennybrew

Adam Kennybrew sits comfortably on an old bench as he observes his inner-city baseball team practice. It can be challenging being an African American player in an industry which sees them only as tokens.

According to an internal memo written by Lisa Greenfield, an outside lawyer hired by PPS, the Kennybrew investigation was “poorly planned and executed; but does that really matter?”

Early Life and Education

Adam Kennybrew hails from Portland, Oregon and attended Locke High School. While at Locke he earned varsity letters in both football and baseball before going on to play fullback for special teams at the University of Oregon before coaching various schools across Oregon following graduation; including West Linn High School where he served as Head Coach. Today he teaches at Benson Polytechnic High School while coaching both girls’ basketball team and baseball team, while being married to Melissa with whom he shares two children named MJ and Lulu with whom his wife Melissa shares custody responsibilities of their children with whom they share custody of two of their children with daughter Lulu being raised as children from previous marriages!

Portland Public Schools initiated an investigation against Adam Kennybrew, football coach at Roosevelt High School’s Adam Kennybrew for allegations of sexual harassment of female staff members at Roosevelt. After that investigation was complete in April 2017, PPS placed him on paid leave while keeping his testing coordinator position; PPS is still conducting their own probe, though their spokesperson claims this investigation has nothing to do with previous ones.

Professional Career

Adam Kennybrew stands out in an urban environment, where many high school athletes feel neglected by a system that often offers little more than short-term money and status gains for many of its participants. After playing fullback and special teams at Oregon, Adam now coaches and serves as guidance counselor at Central Catholic High School.

Last year, Kennybrew was placed on paid leave after an investigation revealed he sent explicit texts to female staff members. But after Willamette Week contacted the school for more information, administrators informed us that Kennybrew had passed multiple background checks prior to being hired.

As for now, he continues to serve as an inspiration to his players – one of his current pupils was recently selected as queen of the Rose Festival court.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Kennybrew has made an outstanding mark on his coaching career. For over 10 years he coached football and special teams. Additionally he served as guidance counselor for four years. MJ and Lulu are his children.

He excelled at both baseball and basketball at Locke High School in Beverly Hills before going on to join Oregon University’s tight-knit athletic program as part of their elite athletic squad.

He has also served as a mentor for the Portland Youth Development Foundation and sits on the board at Benson Polytechnic High School, where his daughter recently won Rose Festival Queen 2023 – she plans to study healthcare in college.

Personal Life

Adam Kennybrew is a married father of two living in Beaverton, Oregon with his wife Melissa. A graduate from the University of Oregon where he played fullback and special teams for their Ducks team, Adam currently resides there with Melissa.

Portland Public Schools took action against Kennybrew after allegations of sexual harassment surfaced, alleging that he sent sexually explicit text messages to female coworkers at Roosevelt High School where he worked as testing coordinator. Kennybrew has been placed on paid leave pending the outcome of this investigation.

In 2023, his daughter Lulu was honored to represent Benson Polytechnic High School on the Rose Festival Court. Lulu currently attends school as a junior and plans on majoring in healthcare at college. She’s an active member of both basketball and track teams at her school.

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