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The H.E. “Doc” Kidder Memorial Trust Gives Adam Kidder Scholarships to West Virginia University

Columbia — Two West Virginia University students embarking on their college careers will get some extra assistance thanks to scholarships awarded from the H.E. “Doc” Kidder Memorial Trust to further their studies at Davis College.

Gus Toppi and Adam Kidder both scored first-half touchdowns to help propel the Ventures to a 35-7 win against Royal Oak Shrine Catholic on Sept. 9.

Early Life and Education

Adam Kidder was born in Yellowknife, Canada and raised throughout the Northwest Territories. She began acting professionally in low-budget Canadian films and TV series before taking on Lois Lane in Richard Donner’s 1978 Superman and becoming internationally acclaimed.

She later went on to star in several popular movies and TV series, such as Sisters (1973), Quackser Fortune Has a Cousin in the Bronx (1970), and Black Christmas (1974).

Kidder is known as both an actor and serial entrepreneur. He established and served as CEO for Clickable, an online advertising web service. Additionally, he co-founded SmartRay Network a mobile advertising delivery pioneer acquired by LifeMinders and attended Rochester Institute of Technology before graduating.

Professional Career

Kidder first gained recognition through her roles in several low-budget Canadian films and television series. But Kidder gained international renown when cast as reporter Lois Lane in 1978 film Superman; later reprising this role three more times throughout its sequels.

She has since gone on to star in other critically-acclaimed movies and guest star in such popular television shows as Smallville, Brothers & Sisters and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Kidder has also played baseball for Lancaster Bible College this season and made 11 starts, appearing in 19 games and posting a.304 batting average and an on-base percentage of.385, while notching six RBIs with four multi-hit games and one stolen base; earning him all-Gulf States Conference distinction twice over.

Achievement and Honors

Kidder was an accomplished writer, having published over 20 books on geophysics and human behavior. She was also highly sought-after as a speaker at events like TED and World Economic Forum, serving on various boards and being honored with membership into the National Academy of Sciences.

Kloska led his team in rushing yards (2,425), receptions (16) and touchdowns (39) as part of the first team selections from Oakland County players; Madison Heights Bishop Foley wideout Adam Kidder was joined on this roster as well as Royal Oak Shrine lineman Collin Buchanan from Royal Oak Shrine.

Five West Virginia University students will benefit from grants from the H.E. “Doc” Kidder Trust as they begin post-baccalaureate instruction thanks to these awards, which cover up to three years’ tuition fees and were chosen based on academic and community achievements.

Personal Life

Kidder was active in both the temperance movement and religious life; she believed strongly in tolerance and accepting differences; she attended Charles Force Deems’ nondenominational Church of Strangers for religious services.

She was also an accomplished poet, writing and publishing numerous hymns as well as contributing poems to periodicals such as Waverly Magazine and New York Fireside Companion.

Mary Kidder will cherish his memories; three daughters Tammie Stephens Thomassee (John), Angie Stephens Minvielle and Summer Stephens Kidder; five grandchildren including Brody Lee McGregor, Adam Kidder, Adrienne Stephens Kamryn Stephens and Tyler Poche will attend visitation from 12 pm until 2 pm for his funeral service at Ourso Funeral Home Gonzales on Monday May 16th. Visitation begins at 12 pm until funeral service time at 2 pm.

Net Worth

Kidder rose to international renown during her late twenties thanks to her iconic performance as reporter Lois Lane in Christopher Reeve’s 1978 film ‘Superman.’ She continued acting throughout her thirties, appearing in other films and TV shows such as Smallville, Brothers & Sisters, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and The L Word as guest stars.

Kidder reported operating profits of $300 million and $439 million respectively for 1992 and 1993, including false profits generated from Jett’s trading activities, making these figures of particular significance to investors and analysts who looked upon Kidder as an inspirational turnaround success story.

Cerullo oversaw Kidder’s Fixed Income Division, which generated most of its net income and approximately 90% of book value. Jett traded from this desk, creating most of his false profits.

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