Adam Klenk

Adam Klenk – Commercial Real Estate Investor

Adam Klenk of Nashville is an investor and managing director for Charlotte-based Capstone Companies’ local office. Recently he closed on the sale of Days Inn located in Cumberland Heights area to be converted into apartments by team including Jordan Arand and Austin Heithcock.

Professional Career

Adam began his professional life after graduating near the top of his class by joining one of the world’s premier construction and engineering firms: Bechtel Group. Working on life changing projects around the globe, Adam moved through their ranks from project and materials management to contract coordination – learning invaluable experience along the way.

He enjoys flying and ultramarathoning in his free time; was a Boston marathon finisher; an avid mountaineer; worked with NASCAR pit crews; spent summers fishing boats in Bering Sea; was also a patented inventor and has an avid passion for fitness.

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Achievement and Honors

Adam Klenk is an accomplished marathon runner and Boston finisher. Additionally, he has worked on NASCAR pit crews, fishing boats in Bering Sea and is currently studying towards his Certified Commercial Investment Management designation from Michigan State University’s globally #1-rated Supply Chain Management program. Adam is also an outdoor enthusiast having traveled over 30 countries while mountain climbing and scuba diving; sailing races from Cape Town to Fremantle as well as reaching Mount Everest summit.

Personal Life

Adam enjoys traveling the world and meeting people during his free time, which includes licensed piloting, marathon running and finishing Boston twice, mountaineering, working NASCAR pit crews and spending summers working fishing boats in Bering Sea – as well as inventing fitness products with patent protection and fitness product design patents.

He is deeply passionate about giving back, pursuing his goal of building schools internationally in developing countries. Currently he owns and operates multiple restaurants as well as owning multifamily sales brokerage and development companies; recently returning from Nicaragua where he built one school himself! Founded a team around him that shares similar core values and principles he credits with being behind his success in both business and personal life. This culture drives all aspects of his life.

Net Worth

Adam graduated near the top of his Michigan State Supply Chain Management class and soon after joined Bechtel, one of the world’s premier construction and engineering companies, working on multi-billion dollar projects from coast to coast in multiple sectors. Following this stint he decided to switch careers and focus more closely on real estate investing by opening Nashville office of Capstone Apartment Partners national multi-family sales brokerage company. Outside work hours he enjoys piloting planes, serial marathon finisher (Boston Marathon included! ), mountain climbing, sailing across Bering Sea as well as patent inventor fitness product invention.

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