Adam Lippin

Adam Lippin and His Atomic Wings Franchise

Adam Lippin created Atomic Wings in 1989 with a mission to share authentic New York style Buffalo wings with the world. Today, the franchise has 21 units in New York and Maryland. Currently led by Zak Omar, who is also a multi-unit Dunkin’ franchisee, the brand is focused on franchisee success and satisfaction.

Professional Career

Adam Lippin was already a successful businessman when he decided to pursue something new. He was tired of working in the same industry and wanted to find a way to affect the world.

During his search, he found a lot of inspiration from yoga and meditation. These practices are supposed to help people get a better understanding of their inner self and the world around them. But what he realized was that he could also affect the world in other ways, too.

This led him to create Cuddlist, a service that connects lonely people with paid professional cuddlers. He believes that touch is essential for everyone’s well-being and that it’s time to remove the barriers that people have put up around it. He hopes his company will help reduce stigmas and allow more people to receive the physical touch that they need for their happiness, health and productivity.

Personal Life

Lippin was an entertaining figure in the music industry and his wife Ronnie, an accomplished public relations professional, worked closely with Elton John and Prince before she became president of The Lippin Group. Following Ronnie’s passing in 2006, her legacy inspired Lippin to establish The Ronnie Lippin Cancer Support Program to honor her memory while providing free support services for those facing cancer. Together with Cancer Support Community they established a pilot program in Los Angeles and Pasadena where people with cancer could meet with counselors for counseling as well as learn treatment options; eventually HearMe became the premier on-demand peer support application and is expanding worldwide.

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