Adam Lisberg

Adam Lisberg, MTA Director of Press Operations

Early Life and Education

Adam Lisberg grew up in a suburb of Chicago. He attended the University of Chicago and went on to become an editor at City & State, a biweekly news publication covering New York politics and government. He was also the city hall bureau chief for the New York Daily News, where he wrote a weekly column. When the MTA opened a press operation position, he took it. He is now the agency’s chief spokesman. He also maintains DJI’s Drone Rescue Map, which tracks every instance where drones have rescued people from harm. In this PRWeek webinar, he explains how drones can be used for public safety.

Professional Career

Adam Lisberg has spent 19 years in the New York City media industry, most recently as editor of the biweekly politics publication City & State. Previously, he served as the City Hall bureau chief for the New York Daily News. Now he’s jumping the fence to take on press operations for the MTA, where he will be tasked with helping the agency communicate its most important messages. Lisberg explains his decision in a PRWeek video interview with Lindsay Stein.

Achievement and Honors

The big daddy of them all is a recent announcement that Adam Lisberg will be the new chief spokesman for the New York City Metropolitan Transportation Authority. He will also be tasked with putting the borough of Queens on the map. Among other responsibilities, he is responsible for appointing a topnotch team of public relations professionals, as well as making the MTA’s media and marketing budget go further than it did a few years ago. The MTA is responsible for some of the nation’s most impressive public infrastructure, including the world’s largest subway system. The most important part of this job is ensuring that the public knows how to make use of it.

Personal Life

Adam Lisberg, former City Hall Bureau Chief and Editor of City & State Magazine, recently became MTA Director of Press Operations. Renowned for being innovative yet proficient editor, Lisberg previously held positions with New York Daily News as reporter as well as Newsday as senior editorial writer.

On Sunday, June 28, Lisberg’s daughters Annabelle (5-years-old) and Ruby (7-years-old), who had always been comfortable wearing their mermaid tail swimsuits before this incident, became alarmed at seeing one on Annabelle. Shortly afterwards Lisberg’s other daughter informed him that Annabelle wasn’t moving anymore – prompting Lisberg to rush outside immediately where he found her unconscious but safe from harm in the water.

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