Adam Masjid

Rafi Ahmed, Founder of the Adam Masjid Medical Clinic

The Masjid (Arabic: al-masjid) is an integral part of Islamic faith and serves as an international gathering point for Muslims all around the globe.

According to the Quran, Prophet Adam constructed the original mosque and established an Islamic society.

Early Life and Education

After the flood, Allah created Adam and Eve as companions in paradise. Once He created them, He ordered His angels to prostrate themselves before Him in gratitude.

Adam was then welcomed into Paradise with Eve as his companion, thus satisfying his natural desire for procreation and fulfilling his need to produce offspring.

Quranic verses indicate that after creating Adam, God instructed His angels to prostrate themselves before Him before creating Eve as Adam’s life partner.

Under Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh) and Prophet Sulayman (pbuh), two mosques – al-Masjid al-Haram and al-Masjid al-Aqsa – were established as centers of worship for Muslims worldwide and their people, giving these prophets and their followers a distinct historical and spiritual position in terms of history and worship practices.

Professional Career

ADAMS opened three years ago as a free medical clinic that does not rely on government funding. Staffed by physicians, nurses, therapists, medical assistants and assistants from all across the country–62% are women!-it offers services free of charge to its community members.

One of the striking aspects of this masjid’s clinical services is their commitment to offering affordable health care to everyone from all backgrounds. Their clinicians treat all their patients without regard for religion. This shows a sign of compassion as they work to provide affordable health care to their community.

Haitham Bundakji, the current Imam at this masjid, has spoken out against its outstanding debt and how best to address it with donations from members of its community. Please consider giving generously so we may ensure this masjid can serve its community for years to come!

Achievement and Honors

Islam considers mosques to be integral parts of their faith. Along with praying, Muslims must take great care in maintaining and tending their place of worship and reverence for future generations to worship at.

At almost all masajid worldwide, there are volunteer opportunities that enable individuals to lend a helping hand in many capacities. These range from directing cars, ushering attendees, selling food, collecting donations, running food drives and setting up prayer spaces as well as maintaining IT and social media platforms.

A mosque is the hub for Muslim prayer and social interaction. Furthermore, this sacred space can offer spiritual benefits as well as prepare individuals for Judgment Day.

Personal Life

Adam Masjid, grandson of late Shaikhul-Hadith Hadrat Molana Muhammad Adam Ibn Yusuf Sahib DB is highly esteemed within Islamic circles. As honorary founders of various schools, universities, and institutions he established in 1981 – Muslim Girls High School now having over 1000 students enrolled as its students.

Personal: Adam Caddell was an outstanding family man and mentor to many. Born Adam Caddell and growing up in Detroit’s Sojourner Truth neighborhood. Graduating Wayne State University with degrees in law and religion.

In 637/638AD, Umar Ibn Al Khattab liberated Jerusalem and Al Masjid Al Aqsa from Roman occupation with his own hands – using them to clear away waste and rebuild. Umar’s efforts five centuries earlier had inspired this success.

Net Worth

Rafi Ahmed managed to make time for community service by serving as President of the Muslim Association of Virginia (MAV). Starting as an associate member in 1999 and moving up the ladder over 10 years before taking over leadership as President in 2003. Under his direction, MAV engaged in voter registration drives, Get Out To Vote events (GOTV), Candidate Nights, Candidate Nights and other political activities that helped engage local residents while counteracting Islamophobia in Virginia.

He played an integral part in constructing Dar Al-Noor mosque, now an essential landmark for Muslims living in Virginia and an example of Islamic architecture that is widely revered in its vicinity.

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