Adam Massingill

Bedford Township Fire Chief Adam Massingill Resigns

BEDFORD TOWNSHIP, MI — Bedford Township Fire Department is not holding any fundraisers and do not seek your money; however, an anonymous letter sent out in their name hopes to convince residents otherwise.

At Tuesday’s virtual board meeting, township trustees voted unanimously to reopen the government center to the public after it had been closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Early Life and Education

Adam Massingill submitted his letter of resignation for Bedford Township fire chief Adam Massingill to the township board of trustees on Monday and, should they accept it at its March 1 meeting, will become fire chief for Auburn Hills in Oakland County. Massingill oversaw in 2018 the transition of Bedford Township’s volunteer-only fire department into one composed of both full-time paid firefighters as well as volunteers; his current salary stands at $73,754.

Professional Career

Massingill was honored with Kiwanis Club of Downtown Monroe’s 2018 Firefighter of the Year award for his actions at a church fire in Temperance. Massingill’s brother currently serves as interim chief in Adrian, while their father held an assistant chief position with Dundee Township Fire Department.

Massingill was chosen based on his experience overseeing combination departments. He will begin his new duties starting March 28.

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Achievement and Honors

He received two awards: Richard A. Lord Outstanding Graduate award (recognizing academic excellence combined with extracurricular pursuits and contributions to Columbia’s School of General Studies community), as well as Jessie and Bryce Leonard Valedictorian award (recognized for substantial contributions made to equity, inclusion and social justice in SGS community).

Massingill was appointed Bedford Township Fire Chief in 2017 and oversaw its transition from volunteer-only service to one that includes both full-time firefighters and volunteers. For his efforts during the Bridgepoint Church fire in Temperance, in 2018, Kiwanis Club of Downtown Monroe honored him with its Firefighter of the Year Award.

Massingill’s family has an extensive background in firefighting; his father serves as an assistant chief with the Dundee Township volunteer department.

Personal Life

Massingill was a member of Fairview Missionary Baptist Church in Lufkin and had resided there his whole life. He is survived by his wife Julie; three of their four children with their spouses: Sally and Drew Squyres, Betty Camp and Jim Massingill as well as sister Mozelle McCarty as well as eighteen great-grandchildren.

Kiwanis Club of Downtown Monroe honored him as Firefighter of the Year in 2018 for his response to a fire at Bridgepoint Church in Temperance and for helping convert its volunteer-only fire department into one with full-time, paid firefighters.

Auburn Hills City Manager Thomas Tanghe has revealed in a memo that Massingill will leave Bedford Township to become fire chief for Auburn Hills at an estimated annual salary of $75,000.

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