Adam Mathis

Adam Mathis – Talented Singer, Actor and Musician

Adam Mathis has made a name for himself as an accomplished singer-actor-musician both onstage and behind recording studio doors. Perhaps his most acclaimed appearance can be found on Musical Chairs (1975).

Adam is well known as an integral member of numerous Broadway and West End productions, where his charismatic presence and talent for performing songs make him standout from the competition.

Early Life and Education

Adam Mathis was born into a working-class family in San Francisco. Inspired by his father, who performed vaudeville acts, Adam took vocal lessons as a teenager.

He studied local jazz clubs before eventually being discovered by Columbia Records. Recording and performing into the 21st century, releasing several albums of music.

Early success for Johnny was built upon his ability to croon and sing show tunes, developed since high school. In 1957 he made his first major recording appearance on Ed Sullivan Show and his career flourished from there; singles and albums such as Johnny’s Greatest Hits (1958) and Merry Christmas (1958) cemented their place as classics; this talent continued to be recognized decades afterward.

Professional Career

Adam Mathis has had an impactful professional career, starting 134 games and being chosen to two Pro Bowl squads.

Adam Mathis has also dedicated much of his time and efforts to mentoring and coaching others. As a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, his passion lies in developing leadership potential in others.

Adam Mathis has worked as both a trainer and an assistant to Jim and Deanna Searles at Circle S Ranch. Ultimately, Adam hopes to open his own Quarter Horse training business on his family land in South Carolina.

Achievement and Honors

Adam is an acclaimed Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach who takes great pleasure in supporting our campus community’s efforts in developing leadership potential and civic engagement programming across campus.

He is part of the team responsible for creating Southern Hills Hospital’s Daisy Award – given annually to an exceptional nurse recognized by all medical communities – as well as volunteering youth soccer coaching services and supporting Community Matters events.

Mr. Wessel graduated from Barton College and earned a master of business administration degree from The University of Massachusetts. Additionally, he is a member of the Baltimore County Bar Association, Maryland State Bar Association and American Bar Association.

Personal Life

Adam Mathis is a successful singer, actor, and drummer best known as the host of Musical Chairs on CBS in 1975 – becoming the first African-American ever to host such a television game show.

Mathis Wade and Jeree Wade, whom he married in 2007, share four children who live very close together, spending many vacations and concerts together, being active members of their respective communities, and filming a reality TV show entitled Mathis Family Matters which will showcase their lives – set to air this June on E! and also deal with Mathis’ battles against drugs and alcohol.

Net Worth

Adam Mathis has an estimated net worth of over $600 Million. Most of his wealth stems from music production work – which can be highly profitable in its own right.

He also has several additional sources of income, including his recording label which he founded with Josh Gummersall.

He also makes a living through his production company, which creates videos and music.

He boasts an expansive real-estate portfolio that includes his $47.5 million home in Beverly Hills and other properties around Los Angeles, in addition to owning several collections of luxury cars.

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