Adam Mazin

Adam Mazin – Writer, Artist, and Art Educator

Adam Mazin is both a potter and art educator. He currently works at Pewabic Pottery in Detroit as a production potter, as well as teaching at CCRI as an Assistant Professor of Art.

Mazin and Druckmann used sequences from the game as inspiration, while remaining true to its narrative beats, to draw viewers deeper into Joel and Ellie’s emotional arcs.

Early Life and Education

Adam Mazin hails from Los Angeles where he attended the University of Southern California. Initially he began writing television scripts before transitioning into movies. Additionally, Adam is an expert martial artist holding a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Mazin has written for many award-winning movies and TV shows, most notably HBO’s limited series Chernobyl based on the 1986 nuclear disaster in Soviet Ukraine, as well as co-creating The Last of Us which dramatizes popular video game The Last of Us.

As well as writing, he has also directed two films. He made his screenwriting debut with RocketMan in 1997; other movie credits include Senseless, Scary Movie 3, and Identity Thief.

Professional Career

Mazin works as an Associate Veterinarian for Palisades Veterinary Clinic located in Washington, District of Columbia. Professional potter as well, he has held artist-in-residency positions at non-profit organizations such as Pewabic Pottery in Detroit, Michigan and Clay Studio of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Additionally, he serves as Assistant Professor of Art at CCRI and has had works exhibited nationwide. Adam is also an enthusiastic practitioner of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and regularly competes in Copa America and Grapplers Quest submission wrestling tournaments, training since age 10 with Master Fernando Yamasaki under whom he holds his black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Adam believes that martial arts training instills discipline and dedication that should be applied across the board, including aspects such as life management.

Achievement and Honors

Mazin has won multiple writing awards, such as two Golden Globes and 10 Emmys. Additionally, he has received WGA nominations. Mazin created and wrote for HBO’s limited series Chernobyl that focused on the aftermath of the 1986 Soviet nuclear disaster, garnering Writers Guild, Producers Guild and Peabody Awards as well as his screenplay for School for Scoundrels based on this popular video game franchise; additionally he hosts weekly screenwriting podcast called Scriptnotes with fellow writer John August and is a member of WGA West Board of Directors.

Personal Life

Mazin is an award-winning potter and an assistant professor of art at CCRI. Additionally, he has held positions with non-profit organizations such as Pewabic Pottery of Detroit Michigan and Clay Studio Philadelphia Pennsylvania as a guest artist and has participated in multiple workshops and residencies worldwide.

He and fellow screenwriter John August created and host the popular Scriptnotes podcast, garnering immense popularity with Hollywood audiences. Both men are members of Writers Guild of America West.

Mazin considered casting three top actors when writing “Chernobyl.” Jared Harris as nuclear physicist Valery Legasov “seemed legitimate and internal,” according to Mazin; Offerman as Bill was chosen.

Net Worth

Adam Nagaitis, an esteemed British actor, writer, and theater artist is widely respected due to his remarkable roles in numerous successful movies and Tv series; most notably for playing Vasily Ingatenko on Chernobyl – a drama/history/thriller series on CBS.

Adam started acting in 2000 with a minor role on Children’s Ward and quickly rose to prominence by appearing as Brett McKendrick on Sally Wainwright’s crime-drama Happy Valley series.

He also played the part of Rick Bennett in 2022’s drama, horror, and thriller TV series Red Rose which was inspired by 1986s Chornobyl nuclear power plant disaster and received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. Millions watched it across different platforms and it received numerous awards as well.

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