Adam Meaux

Adam Meaux

Meaux was charged last year with possessing child pornography after investigators executed a search warrant in his Port Neches home and discovered over 100 files of child pornography on his cell phone.

Meaux entered into a plea agreement and is serving a six-year prison sentence in Jefferson County for using his position as an airport pilot to attract children for sexual exploitation at his home.

Early Life and Education

Adam Meaux was born in Louisiana to Alcide Meaux and Marie Zulma Meaux (nee Herpin).

He was raised in Abbeville, Louisiana, graduating with honors from Abbeville High School Class of 1899 before earning a bachelor’s degree in education.

After graduating college, he worked in Europe before relocating to Texas where he established and managed a professional indoor football team.

Last week, he was arrested on multiple child pornography possession charges.

Professional Career

Meaux was a self-declared tech enthusiast who spent two decades working in the technology sector. A huge fan of Google Search Engine and their eponymous app (both desktop and mobile versions are equally impressive), Meaux created virtual reality experiences for his customers known as Waitr (Waitr being Waitr’s equivalent of Uber).

Meaux has become an established member of Lake Charles since 2008 when he and his wife relocated from Minnesota to help their son launch an indoor football franchise. Meaux credits this move with helping him explore his true passions; in turn, becoming a local celebrity himself. Meaux wrote “I’m Not Gimmick; It’s Melton-Meaux”, an autobiographical novel depicting his experiences growing up as the son of two African American immigrants who settled in Louisiana’s delta region.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Meaux serves as Senior Global Product Manager of Brady Corporation and currently resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

He has over two decades of experience and boasts an in-depth knowledge of technology. Throughout his tenure in the industry, he has worked across various sectors such as food, pharmaceuticals, and chemical.

Adam Meaux has earned several accolades throughout his career and served on various company boards of directors.

Texas Attorney General’s Office investigators conducted a criminal investigation that revealed Adam Meaux used a computer at Beaumont Municipal Airport to access his Gmail account containing pornographic files. Over 100 files belonging to Meaux were reported being found on that device according to an affidavit filed.

Personal Life

Adam Meaux was an ardent family man and friend. A former employee at Beaumont Municipal Airport, he now resides in Port Neches with his wife Betty Joyce Meaux.

He was an enthusiastic proponent for making Bayou Tech community vibrant, encouraging others to try their hands at startup startups.

Meaux served as manager for the Louisiana Swashbucklers professional indoor football team until it closed down in 2013. Since then, he has rediscovering his entrepreneurial side after an established and rewarding career in technology.

Net Worth

Adam Meaux has amassed an estimated net worth of around $10 Million through his musical and singing careers.

This musician with a bluesy voice has sold over one million records and won two BRIT Awards.

He has won multiple accolades including Guitar Player of the Year.

His income primarily derives from being an accomplished British musician.

Accurately forecasting one’s income can be done easily, yet understanding their spending habits is more challenging.

He now speaks more confidently of Waitr than when it was initially announced four years ago in Acadiana. At that time, there was no way of knowing that the hundreds of thousands he invested could one day be worth billions when the company went public.

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