Adam Oil

Adam Oil

Adam oil softens & conditions dry brittle beard hair using natural botanicals with ADAM signature essential oils to promote skin & beard health to help you look your best.

Love oil can be used by both sexes to increase passion, or it may help reunite lovers who have quarreled or drifted apart.

Early Life and Education

Adam Oil was born in Kirkcaldy, Scotland on June 5, 1723 as the son of Adam Smith who served as comptroller of customs there.

Harvard College graduate John Paul Jones decided not to follow traditional career paths and instead obtained his law degree, embarking on an impressive legal career and becoming one of the Massachusetts judges. Later President George Washington bestowed him with the prestigious honor of selecting him to be United States Attorney General; one of only six people ever honored with such an accolade.

Adam’s best-seller facial oil is an exquisite hydrating blend made up of the best essential oils available: Indian Sandalwood, Cedarwood Rosewood Frankincense Myrrh. You can enjoy it alone as an aromatherapy product or mix it into a face potion for use alongside flower mists for optimal results.

Professional Career

Adam has extensive experience representing developers, owners and operators of energy and natural resource projects. This includes drafting and negotiating purchase and sale, master service, confidentiality operating and surface use agreements; conveyance deeds financing instruments as well as other real property documents.

Adam also specializes in the defense of eminent domain and title claims, landowner disputes, and other related matters. Within his eminent domain practice, Adam represents clients ranging from survey access negotiations and easement discussions all the way through to acting as trial counsel for their claim.

He has also represented developers and water supply companies in protecting easement rights, encroachment issues, defending drainage/nuisance claims and multiple jury trials in Texas eminent domain cases.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Clague is an award-winning artist who earned a Master of Fine Arts from Pensacola Christian College under Brian Jekel. There, he met his wife and fellow painter Andrea Orr Clague whom they now live near Kansas City with their sons Gideon and Jaron. Adam has shown his works worldwide at galleries and museums; signature members of Portrait Society of America and Oil Painters of America as well as receiving national and international honors for his paintings.

He is an active community member, serving on many industry, health, arts, and education organizations. Additionally, he was honored with both the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal and Oil and Gas Council Lifetime Achievement Award.

Personal Life

Adam Smith was a Scottish social philosopher and political economist best known for his book, “The Theory of Moral Sentiments.” Although well-recognized for his contributions to economics, Adam enjoyed relaxing evenings at home with family. Although Adam held great power within business circles, his gentle demeanor belied his high status among them.

ADAM Oil is an essential staple for men of style. Packed with earthy and woodsy essential oils such as Indian Sandalwood, Cedarwood Rosewood Frankincense & Myrrh to name just a few, just a small amount will go a long way toward keeping you looking your best all day. Perfect as an economical alternative to professional grade beard oils!

Net Worth

Adam is passionate about the oil and gas industry, which offers millions of Americans well-paying employment opportunities. Additionally, his company is committed to practicing corporate social responsibility.

Donations made to charitable organizations including St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Freedom Service Dogs, Denver Rescue Mission and Coats for Colorado have been generously given.

Lampe is an esteemed graduate of Texas Tech University’s top financial planning program and an invaluable member of the investment community. She currently serves as CEO & Co-Founder of Mint Wealth Management and helps high net worth individuals, affluent families, and foundations achieve their financial goals with holistic financial planning services.

Former Petroleum Landman, Lampe has gained valuable insight into all facets of the oil and gas industry. Prior to joining Mint, he held an executive role at one of the nation’s premier brokerage firms as Senior Client Relationship Executive.

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