Adam Padget

Adam Padget Was an Accomplished Student

Below Deck cast member Lizzy Barto had to navigate her way through several emotional highs and lows during her tenure on the show before eventually moving on to pursue social work in Canada.

Patrick and Patricia were left reeling from an unspeakable tragedy they couldn’t comprehend, finding comfort in the words of an obscure writer long since deceased.

Early Life and Education

He was an outstanding placekicker on Lenoir-Rhyne football from 1972-75 and holds the school record for longest field goal (56 yards against Mars Hill in 1975). Additionally, he excelled academically – becoming a National Honor Society member and excelling at social studies and history classes; eventually heading on to college without yet choosing his major.

Padget is survived by his wife Barbara and three children, Williams, Benjamin and Susan. Barbara graduated from KU’s William Allen White School of Journalism with a journalism degree, teaching high school journalism courses for 24 years while also overseeing publications as an advisor.

She is blessed with two brothers, Eric and Jim Padget, a sister-in-law Carolyn Padget Kantz and many nieces and nephews, including Kayleigh Padget Lyell and her family, Ryan Padget (and Tarryn Padget), Jason Craig and Mary Beth Frank.

Professional Career

Padget has been teaching journalism and mass communications at Athens High School for 24 years, teaching writing classes and overseeing publications. She has won multiple awards including the Quill & Scroll international honorary society, Gallup Student Press Association and Jackie Engel Award.

Jenna’s confidence is shaken when a group of high-profile charter guests, led by Adam, arrive and demand they adhere to meatless and milkless diets. Madison and Georgia become close, while Paget develops feelings for Ciara; tensions soar aboard Parsifal as tensions build further.

Glenn struggles as captain to keep his crew on task when his changes throw their schedules into disarray, while Parker and Ciara fall out, necessitating Paget to step in as mediator to avoid charter season falling off track.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Padget was an excellent student. He earned the school honor roll and excelled at social studies and history courses; college admission seemed likely, though his major choice had yet to be determined. Since freshman year, Adam had also played football on Athens High School team since freshman year; making some memorable catches this fall season.

Barbara is a journalism professor at the University of Kansas and has spent 24 years teaching and advising publications at high schools throughout Kansas. During that time she has received several accolades including two Gallup Awards and 12 International First Place awards from Quill & Scroll.

Personal Life

Athens High School gym felt more like a memorial service on Saturday morning as an empty chair was placed for classmate Adam Padget, who died three days before graduating in a car accident near Sherman three days before graduating as an honor roll student and four-year member of their football team.

His teammates described him as being someone who loved their friends and made everyone laugh, who had such a bright future ahead of them; it is such a tragedy that he left so soon.

After her split with Ciara, Dani made peace and moved on with Johana Mills, whom she began dating eight years younger and went Instagram official with in 2021.

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