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State Trooper Adam Paicos of Easton, Mass., Has Been Fired

Adam Paicos of Easton has been fired due to two incidents he committed while off-duty, including wrong-way driving on Memorial Drive in Cambridge while off duty and wrong-way driving incidents while he was still on probationary status at Foxboro Town Manager Kevin Paicos’ Town Office in Foxboro.

He became an Army trooper less than four months ago.

Early Life and Education

Foxborough Town Manager Kevin Paicos’ son was recently appointed a state trooper; but now his department is investigating him for an alleged wrong-way driving incident.

Investigators report observing two other troopers witness Trooper Adam Paicos crossing multiple lanes on Memorial Drive near its junction with Elm Street at the beginning of April but failed to conduct any field sobriety tests or stop him for suspected drunk driving, according to reports.

Massachusetts State Police officials announced that an officer has been placed on restricted duty – his weapon, cruiser and identification have all been confiscated – while this investigation continues. Additionally, no further details were given regarding alcohol-related incidents or their potential involvement.

Paicos, who hails from Foxborough, also teaches DARE programs at local elementary and middle schools – as well as being qualified to administer its high school edition.

Professional Career

Paicos had an intoxicated first four months on the job: totaling his car while driving while impaired; smelling of alcohol and seen drinking beer from cans near his cruiser; failing a field sobriety test and also sleeping in his patrol car.

He challenged his dismissal, citing posttraumatic stress disorder from his military service in Iraq as the reason. State police ultimately decided against him.

State troopers spotted Paicos driving the wrong way on Memorial Drive in Cambridge in April. Following his failure of part of a field sobriety test, troopers permitted him to leave without arresting him; this incident initiated an internal probe into his conduct that is ongoing.

Achievement and Honors

Kevin Paicos, Town Manager of Foxboro, expressed confidence Tuesday in state police dealing fairly with Adam Paicos, his rookie state trooper son who is accused of driving wrong way on Memorial Drive while off-duty on April 3. However, after reports surfaced on WBZ about this incident it became evident that Adam Paicos had an extensive background check history which highlighted misconduct issues related to him.

Paicos was fired from state police in 2012 for having an alcohol issue and later filed suit to have his job reinstated. Later that same year he was hired by police in Erving in western Massachusetts although select board members declined to explain why despite past issues with state police; memorial Drive incident still under investigation by state police.

Personal Life

Kevin Paicos stood up for his son by explaining that State Police reviewed this incident as part of their background check of rookie troopers and found it baseless; however, Kevin admitted that their investigation into April 3’s alleged wrong-way driving continues.

He noted his displeasure at what seemed to be “improper and vindictive action” by an unknown State Police employee, who provided the media with details about his son’s troubles. Furthermore, he has yet to receive an official report detailing their investigation of alleged actions taken by his son.

Paicos was driving on a freeway outside Seattle when he failed parts of a field sobriety test and registered twice the legal alcohol limit, though he escaped arrest without incurring penalties. Later that month he was let go without incurring further consequences from law enforcement, although later his employer in Erving, Western Massachusetts fired him after two additional alcohol related incidents had taken place at work.

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