Adam Palanica

Adam Palanica – Behavioral Scientist at Klick Health

Adam Palanica is a behavioral scientist at Klick health, a digital agency. With a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience Psychology under his belt and experience using various neuroscience research methodologies to gain relevant insights on people’s thinking patterns, behaviors and decision making processes; Adam is adept in designing and conducting human factors studies as well.

Early Life and Education

Adam is a Behavioral Scientist at Klick Labs. His innovative insights and research methodologies allow him to obtain relevant understanding of human behaviors. With a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience Psychology under his belt and extensive experience managing research projects.

He possesses extensive expertise in digital medicine and can use medical and research data to craft solutions tailored specifically for clients, such as pharmaceutical companies, rehabilitation institutes, health-care professionals and patients.

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Professional Career

Adam Palanica joins Klick Health’s expanding behavioral science practice as its latest recruit, an in-house team which utilizes psychology, sociology, and behavioral economics to facilitate behavioral change among clients. Klick Health is a comprehensive healthcare marketing and commercialization agency with locations in Toronto and New York, that develops solutions designed to engage patients and providers while helping them better understand and manage their own treatment. Adam brings academic training and proven expertise in neuroscience research techniques and technologies such as electronic eye-tracking and electroencephalography (EEG), to gain relevant insights into how people think and behave. Furthermore, he has extensive experience writing, analyzing, and communicating scientific findings for peer-reviewed journals as well as commercial white papers.

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