Adam Perzow

Adam Perzow – A Lawyer and Commercial Leasing Expert

Adam Perzow conceived of MD Insider, a website providing objective information about doctors’ training and outcomes, while simultaneously running his plastic surgery practice across two locations.

Now he is embroiled in controversy with the startup he co-founded, alleging he was duped out of his share in the company.

Early Life and Education

Adam Perzow was at risk for malignant melanoma as a teenager – his redheaded hair, pale skin and frequent sunburns made him susceptible. Luckily, after two melanoma scares he survived treatment successfully and was declared cancer free.

Perzow initially joined Calvert on the MD Insider project in 2013, but soon afterwards claimed he was told by him that he no longer wished to pursue it and planned to discontinue its launch. Perzow took action and filed suit to protect his original 50% stake and assert his original interests as stated above.

This dispute, scheduled to go to trial in June, highlights the often tenuous relationships between entrepreneurs and investors, which has become more prevalent as tech startups continue to thrive. Attorneys from Cooley LLP in Santa Monica report regularly representing clients involved in battles over ownership rights.

Professional Career

Adam Perzow is an award-winning Toronto lawyer and industry expert in commercial leasing. With extensive experience drafting, negotiating, advising on complex retail, office and industrial leases as well as related documents he is an industry expert in commercial lease negotiation and interpretation. Adam frequently presents at real estate conferences where he hosts sessions or roundtables about dealing with difficult legal professionals, leasing litigation fundamentals or renewing and extending commercial property leases.

Perzow has many of the risk factors for melanoma – red hair, fair skin and excessive sun exposure – but has survived two melanoma scares throughout his life. He is currently suing Moshe Hogeg, an Israeli entrepreneur best known for pushing the incomprehensibly stupid Yo! messaging app. According to Perzow’s lawsuit against him, Hogeg owes him $10m in damages while seeking full ownership of Yo! domain name.

Personal Life

Perzow’s life goes far beyond being an entrepreneur; he’s also an avid sportsman and generous philanthropist, having made charitable donations and being involved with several causes such as fighting malignant melanoma – something which claimed the lives of both his mother and one of his best friends. He strongly advocates against this form of skin cancer which claimed two more victims recently; his passion was evident during an interview for Dear 16-Year-Old Me’ campaign when he advised young people to cover up and use sunscreen whenever outdoors – something he himself had many risk factors for developing such disease such as red hair and pale skin – as he himself had experienced two close calls himself in terms of skin cancer scares himself!

Perzow’s $10 million claim against Moshe Hogeg was recently dismissed in court as the judge found he did not have enough ties to California to bring the suit. Perzow, however, plans on filing suit in an Israeli court as an alternative option.

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