Adam Pinkard

Adam Pinkard and Adams Whiskey

Adams Distillery of Tasmania stands out in an industry full of micro-distilleries with their large stills and ambitious plans. Their commitment to selling bulk spirits directly to companies and independent bottlers has won praise from industry peers alike.

Adam Pinkard and Adam Saunders joined forces in 2015 to establish the distillery. It started off rocky when Launceston Council rejected their property but they soon secured Glen Ireh Estate near Perth as their location – still home for today’s distillery operations.

Early Life and Education

Adam Pinkard had an awakening experience during early adulthood that forever altered the course of his life: discovering whisky was something he truly desired to pursue as a career path. From that first sip of whisky he knew that whisky making was what he longed to do with his life.

He began researching distilling through YouTube and interviewing those passionate about it, until he met Mathew Cooper at Fanny’s Bay Distillery in northern Tasmania and began learning his craft from its foundational stage on.

Adam soon realized he could buy single malt and blends from various Australian distilleries, providing him with the chance to start his own small business. With help from some friends and newfound knowledge, Adams Distillery was established and has now grown from being a small operation into producing over 1,000,000 litres annually!

Professional Career

Adam is an experienced entrepreneur with roots dating back to business ownership in his family and an overwhelming drive to make something great happen. After working at various companies such as APCO and starting his own at 25 years old, Adam set his sights on building something remarkable.

He is an acclaimed stand-up comedian, performing at venues nationwide. His unscripted, engaging style makes for an engaging and unpredictable showmanship.

Adam enjoys sports in his free time and plays for both Atlanta Braves and Rutgers University, becoming a huge fan of college football this year! He hopes for an incredible Rutgers season!

Bethan’s work at The Craft Irish Whiskey Co is essential to its continued growth, as she oversees communications, omni-channel content strategy and digital marketing to optimise brand storytelling and ensure its successful growth.

Achievement and Honors

Adams Whisky has received several prestigious awards for their whisky and gin. Though only recently established, Adams whiskey is already internationally recognised for producing world class Tasmanian whisky and gin.

Adams are extremely proud to have won the International Whisky Award for Best Single Malt Whisky – it represents a tremendous feat and testament to all members of their team’s hard work!

Success for this whisky producer also stands as testament to their ongoing commitment to sustainability, a cornerstone of their journey which this award highlights. Looking ahead, their future appears brighter than ever – both for themselves and the whisky they produce!

Personal Life

Adam Pinkard (the paramedic), and Adam Saunders (the master builder), soon realized they could turn their shared love of whisky into a viable business venture. Their path has been made easier thanks to both hard work and luck on their side. Initial attempts were made to open their shop in Launceston’s central business district; however, they were forced to find more suitable premises due to strict council restrictions and move on quickly. Glen Ireh Estate near Perth presents them with an immense challenge when it comes to producing their whisky of the week quickly and efficiently. Their team are currently hard at work building the next generation of their award winning distillery and aim to take Adams craze to new heights over time.

Net Worth

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