Adam Slipakoff

Jen and Adam Slipakoff Use Cryptocurrency to Buy a House in Columbia

Used to be, all it took was a high school diploma to secure even an entry-level job like file clerking, but now a bachelor’s degree is required for such positions.

Real estate company Roofstock recently sold an NFT house for $175,000. They completed this sale using their web3 subsidiary Roofstock onChain’s NFT market place.

Early Life and Education

Jen and Adam Slipakoff are raising two children: Ethan, 12, and Allie, 8. As is true for any parent, their primary concern is to ensure they and their family’s wellbeing; that sentiment becomes even more pressing with Allie being transgender; with anti-transgender rhetoric increasing across states and discriminatory legislation becoming prevalent, Adam and Jen Slipakoff worry for Allie’s wellbeing as anti-transgender legislation gains steam in some of them.

Therefore, they have taken an innovative approach to protecting their clients by applying their experience to reduce unnecessary complexity of processes. Roofstock uses blockchain technology to streamline home buying transactions – an innovative solution and potential model for future business transactions.

Professional Career

Roofstock onChain successfully orchestrated a home sale in Columbia using non-fungible tokens (NFT). It marked the first time ever that someone purchased property using cryptocurrency; their buyer paid $175,000 USDC instead of traditional real estate processes such as underwriting, appraisals, title searches and deed creation.

Adam spends much of his free time coaching high school football and serving as an advisor for Iron Age Office – a business offering custom office furniture solutions.

Before founding Iron Age Office, Mr. Wilson served as a senior corporate associate at BryanCave LLP. Additionally, he co-founded Taylor, Busch, Slipakoff & Duma LLP (now Taylor English) where he has been a partner since 2008. Furthermore, he currently chairs their Business Law Department.

Personal Life

As Jen and Adam prepared Eli for life outside their home, they realized that he was most confident, secure, and equipped to navigate life as Allie – they decided to let him transform into Allie.

Allie, now 12, is an openly transgender freshman at her local high school and answers inquiries from fellow classmates without hesitation or embarrassment – often making the conversation lighter with humor!

Slipakoffs were never prepared for the possibility of having a child who is transgender despite ongoing national debate about bathrooms and transgender students. Their goal is to change the conversation away from fear towards understanding and compassion.

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