Adam Solander

Adam Solander, a Partner at King & Spalding

Adam Solander is a partner at King & Spalding’s Data, Privacy, and Security practice group. He provides advice to clients in preparing for, responding to, and recovering from data breaches as well as supporting health care and life sciences companies with compliance, managed care legislation, telemedicine regulations and related matters.

At King, Scott Ferber brings significant experience as former counsel for cyber investigations at the Justice Department’s National Security Division and now works out of their Washington, DC office.

Early Life and Education

Solander received a scholarship and traveled from Uppsala to London 1760 on foot, spending half a year exploring its environment and language before meeting influential individuals and visiting botanical gardens.

He organized the British Museum’s natural history collections into a systematic catalogue system. This collection became known as Solander Box in his honour.

Solander played an instrumental role in discovering Terra Australis and was an intimate friend of Captain James Cook, for whom he served as navigator. His portrait can be found on numerous paintings and stamps.

Replicas of his herbarium plants can be found worldwide, in such collections as: the Swedish Museum of Natural History, Bergius Herbarium Stockholm, Cathedral School in Linkoping and Linnean Society London to name but a few. He kept a diary and Occurrences-book in addition to writing letters to various persons.

Professional Career

Solander became an indispensable member of the British Museum’s natural history collection by cataloguing it according to a structured catalogue system. Furthermore, Solander formed an intimate friendship with Joseph Banks which allowed him to join James Cook on his first circumnavigation voyage in 1772.

Solander is a partner at King & Spalding and part of their Data, Privacy, Security and Health Care and Employee Benefits practice groups. He advises clients on issues related to HIPAA compliance, ERISA managed care laws and telemedicine as well as helping private equity firms evaluate privacy/data security compliance risk associated with potential investments.

Adam brings extensive expertise in providing guidance to Fortune 500 companies regarding health care legislation such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Excellence Act (HITECH Act) and ERISA. In addition, Adam has represented trade associations and patient advocacy groups before Congress and Executive Branch agencies.

Achievement and Honors

Solander received the Burton Award for Legal Writing in 2014 – one of only 30 authors chosen from among over 900 submissions from law firms across the nation. Solander was recognized for his thought leadership on Affordable Care Act issues and earned one of ten spots among most influential legal writers on health care topics.

Solander and Herman Sporing obtained permission from the British Museum to accompany Joseph Banks on James Cook’s inaugural voyage aboard Endeavour to Australia, collecting botanical specimens which would eventually form Banks’ Florilegium.

Botanist Solander left an indelible mark long beyond his lifetime and several landmarks remain to honor him, such as Solander Gardens in London’s east end and Solander Islands off New Zealand’s coast.

Personal Life

Adam Solander is a partner in King & Spalding’s Washington, DC office and provides advice to healthcare companies regarding data breach and cybersecurity matters, fiduciary obligations and prohibited transactions under ERISA.

Solander is best-known for his participation in Captain James Cook’s circumnavigation voyage, as well as for his close friendship with Joseph Banks. A group of islands south of New Zealand bears his name; so too does the plant genus Solandra.

Solander joined Linnaeus at Drottningholm Castle, helping him organize Carl Gustav Tessin’s Cabinet of Natural History. Subsequently he began collecting his own private collection. Additionally, Solander assisted Banks during his circumnavigation with ethnographical studies on Tahiti as well as participating in fine line engravings produced for Banks Florilegium.

Net Worth

Solander had an estimated net worth of approximately PS140,000 when he died of a brain hemorrhage aged 49 in London, to which he was laid to rest at Brookwood Cemetery’s Swedish section and Solander Gardens named in his honour in East London. Solander also provided inspiration for Botany Bay to Australia after collecting important botanical specimens aboard Captain James Cook’s Endeavour voyage that were later included in Banks Florilegium.

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