Adam Unaji

Adam Unaji – The Pioneer of ‘Occupy Nigeria’

Adams Unaji, one of the brains behind Occupy Nigeria, died Wednesday, July 3rd 2013 of what appears to have been an apparent heart attack. Reports indicated he collapsed while waiting for his radio show at Vision FM Abuja before being taken to hospital where he eventually succumbed.

He was an active social activist and founding member of ‘Occupy Nigeria,’ mobilizing youths against President Gudluck Ebele Jonathan’s decision to increase petrol prices early last year.

Early Life and Education

Adams Unaji was born in Zaria on August 31, 1972 to Patrick Abba Unaji and Teresa Oniwo Akpa. He became an accomplished artist and sculptor who had multiple exhibitions under his name.

Adams was also an exceptional administrator. For two decades he served as president of Providence-St. Mel School in Chicago and transformed it from one of Chicago’s deteriorating learning institutions for African American students into one of its premier learning institutions.

He was an enthusiastic collector of art, literature and technology. His collection included rare and valuable books by Louis Vuitton, Mozart, Van Gogh and other modern masters as well as vintage cameras from their collections. Additionally he created Unaji&Co design company which produced high-end products for the upscale market.

Professional Career

Adam Unaji was a Nigerian social activist best known as being at the helm of Occupy Nigeria protests. Unfortunately, on July 3, 2013 at age 35 due to an apparent heart attack he passed away suddenly.

Patrick Abba and Teresa Oniwo Akpa Unaji gave him birth.

His father is a retired military officer while his mother is the wife of a minister. When he was young, they moved from Israel to America.

He graduated from Losal Dzshool before enrolling at Orange Soadzt Sollege. From there, he began posting videos to YouTube which soon attracted an enormous following.

Achievement and Honors

However, with so much change taking place every day in terms of technology and our lifestyles. So much has happened that it would be hard to keep track of all that could possibly take place at any one time! But don’t take my word for it… have a read here of our blog for further reading about what our vision could look like in reality if given free rein to create something truly exceptional… Unaji’s many accolades included being honored by some prestigious institutions – one being one of the first commercially produced aircraft (B-17 Flying Fortress), having one of the largest privately-owned libraries worldwide and being associated with one of the finest law schools in India. He was also an astute lawyer and an energetic politician with an appreciation for finer things. On a local front, he held office for over eighteen months as Mayor of Zanesville and twice in Dresden. He was also an innovator in using magnetically charged memory cards to store student records – an innovation later adopted by all public high schools and colleges in California. Alongside his many academic accomplishments and civic contributions, he was an enthusiastic golfer, passionate aficionado, and highly entertaining family man.

Personal Life

Mr Adams Unaji, one of the pioneers of 2012 “Occupy Nigeria”, died unexpectedly Wednesday July 3rd 2013. Upon arrival at Vision FM radio station in Abuja with a friend to appear live for an interview he suddenly collapsed and was taken to hospital where he ultimately succumbed to an apparent heart attack and passed away shortly afterwards.

He was 41 years old, leaving behind his wife Valentina Ibirogba and daughter Abba Modupe Unaji as well as an extended family of his wife Valentina Ibirogba and Abba Modupe Unaji – his legacy lives on in his wife and daughter’s lives. Unaji was an active Nigerian social activist known for organizing youths to protest President Goodluck Jonathan’s decision to increase petrol from #65 to #140 earlier last year. Additionally he served as Director of Programs at National Youth Council of Nigeria where he spoke against corruption in government; social ills; anti-people policies of government until his departure.

Net Worth

Adam Sosnick has worked tirelessly to become one of the world’s wealthiest individuals. Through hard work and diligence he has earned many prestigious awards that are now associated with excellence in his name.

As a result, he now enjoys a high net worth and income source that enable him to live a fulfilled life with his family. Furthermore, as an acclaimed entrepreneur who has created businesses that yield considerable profits for himself and others.

His net worth has been estimated to be estimated at an estimated figure of $3.2 Million based on assets and liabilities. He possesses significant money accumulated both professionally and through personal investments.

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