Adams Mouthguards

How Adams Mouthguards Can Protect Patients With Braces

Adams Mouthguards can be used in any sport that involves contact. Proper mouth protection for patients wearing braces is also crucial as it protects both their teeth and lips from injury and possible damage caused by their braces.

Stock mouthguards can be found at most sporting goods stores. When needed, these mouthguards must first be heated in hot water until soft enough for easy insertion, before being stored for future use in your refrigerator until needed.

Early Life and Education

Adams earned numerous academic accolades and awards as an undergraduate, becoming a member of the National Honor Society.

After finishing her dental residency, she joined Fuquay Family Dentistry in North Carolina. Her passion lies in providing exceptional patient care that makes each feel like part of the family, while working alongside a talented and friendly team at Fuquay.

She advocates for raising public awareness about sports-related mouth and jaw injuries. Mouthguards provide an effective solution to protect teeth and lips during sports, especially after-school sports participation by children. Fabricated from an impression of your teeth for custom fitting comfort. All premium dental material guarantees strength as well as comfort.

Professional Career

Adams has an intense commitment to lifelong learning both in dentistry and beyond. She’s an active member of her local NWA Spear Study Club, regularly attending seminars to keep abreast of new techniques so she can pass them along to her patients.

Beginning their match, Kyle and Adam take time to gauge each other out before exchanging shots until Kyle unleashes an explosive lariat on Adam, sending blood gushing everywhere and leaving a bloodied mark all over him – leaving an unforgettable finish that had spectators gasping in horror! Later these two would go on to become tag team champions for Pro Wrestling Guerilla together.

Achievement and Honors

Milano received William’s Gift, an annual merit-based pro-bono sports dentistry program provided by Heather Adams Dentistry in honor of her brother William. This initiative offers dental exams, oral hygiene instruction and custom mouth guards to athletes with intellectual disabilities.

Adam Bartsch BS ME ’01 and his team created a smart mouthguard designed to track head impacts in amateur and professional rugby teams to better detect and treat concussions. This technology could revolutionize how concussions are diagnosed and treated across many popular sports, including football.

Personal Life

Sports injuries often result in oral injuries for participants. A mouthguard can significantly decrease their risk of injury to both their teeth and jaw. We offer custom fit mouthguards designed specifically to safeguard both their dental health and jaw health from harm.

Our mouthguards are constructed of premium grade dental vinyl for increased strength, comfort, ease of speech and breathing. You can trim these guards for precise fit – it only takes 30 seconds!

These mouthguards contain accelerometer and gyroscope technology for monitoring impact force to the head, providing coaches, trainers and parents with data that may identify collisions that require medical examination, as well as making games safer overall for players.

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