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The Mushroom Cure Returns to Berkeley

Adam Strauss makes his triumphant return to Berkeley following a highly acclaimed run Off-Broadway and in the Bay Area with his critically acclaimed solo show The Mushroom Cure, exploring his personal challenges and triumphs around OCD, love, and hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Shaggy ink cap mushrooms grow on wood edges from dead hardwood trees such as oak and beech, usually at their edges. Their round, chestnut brown caps blemish bluish-grey when crushed or touched.

Early Life and Education

She offers classes and forays on mushroom identification. Her favorite types are tooth fungi such as Hydnellum, Phellodon and Sarcodon; and mushroom dyeing wool.

He has hunted mushrooms throughout the US and on multiple expeditions to Australia and New Zealand, developing his field mycology skills including identification of both edible and toxic mushrooms to the genus level. Additionally, his research includes surveys that document biodiversity as well as evolutionary and mycorrhizal relationships in bolete mushrooms.

She is a member of both WPMC and Northeastern Mycological Federation and began working at the farm in 1990 to coordinate, plan and coordinate sales efforts as well as purchasing raw material, scheduling production schedules, disease control procedures and laboratory services as well as improving operations and finding new business opportunities.

Professional Career

North Carolina native Mary McClurg found inspiration in nature and healing the Earth when it led her into permaculture and biodynamic agriculture, eventually cultivating and harvesting wild mushrooms for cultivation and identification courses as well as homesteading classes with her mushroom company Forager Chick as well as foraging and wild harvesting courses offered through Mushroom Mountain’s Wild Harvest Courses. Furthermore, she is an author, herbalist, beekeeper as well as having appeared as a guest on Mycosphere podcast as an advocate of sustainable farming with strong interests in psychedelics!

Achievement and Honors

Sklenicka spent eight years interviewing those who knew Adams, combing through her papers at UT, and conducting fieldwork in northern California to complete this biography. It was listed among 2009’s 10 Best Books.

Virgil Jurgensmeyer, of Oklahoma City’s J-M Farms, produces millions of pounds annually of white button, Crimini, and portabella mushrooms – employing hundreds of Oklahomans through J-M Farms. For his efforts he was twice honored with Governor’s Outstanding Achievement in Agriculture awards.

Adam Strauss is a New York-based playwright and performer renowned for his riveting plays that have been described as “riveting” (Time Out NY) and “howlingly funny” (SF TheatreBlog). His solo show The Mushroom Cure returns to The Marsh Berkeley for a limited run before taking place alongside Adam Strauss Is Not Unhappy as part of repertory performance series at The Marsh Berkeley.

Personal Life

Adam Strauss leverages his natural talents of humor and storytelling to explore the possible benefits of psychedelic drugs for treating OCD in his critically-acclaimed show, The Mushroom Cure. By sharing his journey he opens important conversations around mental health treatment options as well as alternative treatment approaches.

He works both as a beekeeper and beekeeper, teaching classes on wild harvesting and herbal medicine with an emphasis on perennial foods and medicinal mushrooms. His passions also extend into permaculture and biodynamic agriculture in order to heal the earth; currently, he resides in North Carolina with Anne-Marie who owns Forager Chick; together, they educate homesteaders and homesteaders on medicinal mushrooms identification as well as homesteader gardening skills.

Net Worth

Mushroom farmers can generate significant profit when mushroom season is in its prime; typically selling several thousand pounds weekly and turning a profit sufficient to pay the bills until spring comes around again.

Goal of Project Psilocybin is to convert its active ingredient psilocybin, found in magic mushrooms that has been shown to ease depression, into approved prescription drugs. They have engaged multiple pharmaceutical companies about possible development partnerships for this project.

Eric and Gary tend to overproduce, making mistakes based on calculations made in spreadsheets or on the back of envelopes that create stress and lead to higher production costs than they can manage. Eric and Gary are working on correcting their processes over time and improving them over time.

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