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Wayman Adams Painting

Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam can be found as part of the iconic Sistine Chapel ceiling and depicts God creating Adam in His image according to Scripture.

This painting depicts God and Adam and is one of the most revered works in European art history. It depicts human existence from its inception to salvation for humanity.

Early Life and Education

Wayman Adams was born and educated in Muncie, Indiana. From an early age he received formal art training under William Forsyth at both John Herron Art Institute in Indianapolis and Grand Central Art School in New York City.

Adams was an accomplished portraitist, depicting many notable individuals including presidents Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge; Vice President Henry Wallace; generals Jonathan Mayhew Wainwright and Walter Krueger; industrialist B. F. Goodrich; Texas governors Beauford Jester and Allan Shivers as well as numerous artists – among them, president Warren Harding himself was painted by Adams in 1928!

His painting style reflected his desire to convey realistic yet often ironic features of his subjects. Additionally, he enjoyed creating landscape paintings inspired by nature – works often commissioned by Sierra Club members for publication in their bulletins.

Professional Career

Adams Painting has over 25 years of professional painting experience creating portraits commissioned from clients. Their goal is to bring their subject’s personality alive through layers of paint and her preferred medium of charcoal.

Adams’s love for art stems from his early education, which focused on music. At twelve, he started learning piano, continuing for 12 years.

Adams used the discipline, structure, and precise craft of violin playing to hone his artistic talents, which ultimately led to a career in photography. Adams championed photography as an art form by helping establish the photography department at MoMA in 1940.

Adams co-founded Aperture magazine along with Beaumont and Nancy Newhall, Dorothea Lange, Minor White and other friends and colleagues in 1952. Additionally, Adams played an essential part in lobbying for American National Parks to be established or upheld.

Achievement and Honors

Adams has received multiple honors and awards during his career, such as the Governor General’s Award in Visual and Media Arts. His works have also been displayed in museums and galleries worldwide.

Adams is an artist whose practice includes painting, collage, sculpture and performance art. His pieces explore how identity intersects with art history, urban culture and Black experience.

His artistic philosophy draws heavily upon traditional artistic methods, and he has extensively researched oriental objects such as porcelains and antiquities throughout his career. He is especially drawn to Asian design concepts; thus producing works which blend Western aesthetics with Eastern depth through atmosphere.

Personal Life

Adams lived his personal life devoted to the pursuit of nature photography and filmmaking, with an aim of documenting its grandeur for posterity. A member of the Sierra Club, his efforts contributed towards its efforts to protect America’s environment.

Thomas Cole, Frederic Church, Albert Bierstadt and Carlton Watkins all had an impactful influence on him; Alfred Stieglitz also greatly respected him as one of the last remaining and defining figures in romantic nineteenth-century American landscape painting and photography.

His paintings depict realistic depictions of nature, most often trees or bamboo, while taking an abstract approach in his watercolors which represent everyday objects with vibrant and delicate color washes.

Net Worth

JJ Adams was born March 15, 1978 in Plymouth, England and currently resides in Cape Town, South Africa where his artistic journey started at six.

He has participated in solo and group exhibitions around the world, with his artwork featured in many private collections. His paintings often depict snowy mountain peaks bathed in early morning or sunset light surrounded by storm clouds; or bright sunset and twilight river bottoms near Denver.

He has collaborated with poets on projects like Actualities, Portrait and a Dream, Taormina and Vue sur Mer. He is the recipient of multiple awards and fellowships; his paintings have appeared in The New Yorker, Hyperallergic and Huffington Post.

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