Adams Percussion Guitars

Adams Percussion Guitars

Adams marimbas are widely revered for their extraordinary sound and precision, making them a top choice among professional percussionists and educators worldwide.

Frame ends, cross beams, rails, resonators and bars are typically constructed out of Honduran rosewood, paduk or babinga wood to complete this furniture set.

Early Life and Education

Adams marimbas are designed for optimal intonation and clarity of sound, with each bar carefully tuned through six overtones using a proprietary tuning process performed by skilled artisans, to produce superior performance and audio quality.

Adams Soloist Series marimbas offer beginners and schools looking for high quality wooden bar instruments at a very cost-effective price. Crafted using our Artist and Concert Series construction techniques, these marimbas feature multiple keyboard configurations and size options.

Robert Van Sice is one of the world’s premier marimba teachers and has taught master classes in over twenty countries. From 1988-1997 he directed Europe’s inaugural diploma program for solo marimba at Rotterdam Conservatorium; since 1997 he has taught on the faculties at Yale School of Music and Peabody Conservatory of Music as well as numerous recitals in major concert halls worldwide and festivals including Ars Musica, Blossom Darmstadt Course for New Music Archipel London Meltdown Norfolk Chamber Music Festival North American New Music Festival among many others.

Professional Career

Adams has long been known for producing superb concert percussion instruments and handmade brass instruments of impeccable quality, and their Soloist Series Rosewood marimba adds another stage-ready mallet instrument with player-centric enhancements.

With Honduras Rosewood, Padouk or synthetic Zelon on an Apex or Endurance Field Frame marimbas are perfectly tailored for continuous performance in concert settings, making this instrument affordable to both students and teachers alike.

Every tone bar of the Academy 3 octave marimba is hand-adjusted by hand to achieve sixth overtone using bar tuning methods that match those employed for Adams Artist Series instruments, guaranteeing you exceptional tone and intonation.

Achievement and Honors

Adams made history through two notable achievements. First, as one of six drafters of the Declaration of Independence. Second, by writing what has become one of the most widely read books ever on government – The American System of Government. Finally, through out his life Adams never concealed his desire to educate himself by reading an expansive range of titles from ancient history through modern science.

Adams’ Concert Marimba is an astounding marvel of modern percussion, boasting top of the line components like an apex frame with onyx black powder coating and radial gating, not to mention its impressive 4.3 octave layout with full slant resonator made from high tech titanium powder coating and height-adjustable two piece crossbar for unparalleled playing satisfaction by players of all sizes.

Personal Life

Adam Tan is a marimba soloist, educator, and composer based out of Perth, Western Australia. He creates percussion content and hosts THE STUDIO on YouTube as weekly videos for both education and entertainment purposes.

Adam performs as a marimba soloist using an Adams MAHV43 Concert marimba designed by Robert van Sice and also utilizes Soundbrenner Minuendo earplugs, STOMP Bluetooth pedal, and BOYA Smartphone Microphone technology.

As a composer, his works for percussion appear on compulsory repertoire lists in schools, competitions and festivals around the world, including UIL Texas Prescribed Music List (PML). He serves as Director of Marimbafest Australia which organizes an annual international marimba festival and competition; Edition Svitzer publishes his works; Marimba One USA named him Premier Artist while Encore Mallets and Salyers Percussion honored him with Signature Artist status through their Adam Tan mallet series.

Net Worth

Adams marimbas are designed to meet the demands of today’s premier percussionists with superior materials and craftsmanship. Boasting Honduras Rosewood as well as distinct resonator finishes, Adams marimbas will enhance your performance whether on stage or field.

Adams Artist, Concert, and Soloist series marimbas are meticulously hand-tuned up to their sixth overtone using its proprietary computer assisted tuning method by skilled craftspeople using Adams’ computer assisted method, creating an even sound balance throughout. Adams marimbas use only premium woods such as Zelon for long lasting tone quality or our exclusive Honduras Rosewood for maximum playability – in fact all our resonator frames feature weld-on frames to maximize durability!

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