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JoAnn Adams is a Queens Planner

Adams pioneered town planning, designing innovative public housing such as Lindenlea in Ottawa and Hydrostone after Halifax Explosion of 1917. Additionally, he was instrumental in shaping legislative, institutional and professional structures of Canadian planning.

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Early Life and Education

JoAnn Adams has over three decades of teaching experience across Washington, Shelby and Henry Counties in Kentucky. Additionally, she currently volunteers as a mentor in local schools while co-owning with her husband a craft and agritourism business on their Pleasureville farm.

Adams played an early role in professionalizing planning, founding the first profession-based journal and publishing Rural Planning and Development in 1917. Additionally, he designed innovative public housing projects such as Lindenlea in Ottawa and Hydrostone district of Halifax as well as devising an urban renewal scheme following Halifax Explosion of 1917 in Richmond district of Halifax.

Adams 14 and TNTP are focused on three domains of school improvement: Leadership for Rapid Improvement, Talent Management, and Instructional Transformation. Their analysts are gathering student performance data through interviews, surveys and classroom observations in order to uncover root causes of strengths and challenges across their district.

Professional Career

Adams County Office of Planning and Development (ACOPD) takes an intentional, long-term approach to economic vitality and strengthening communities, while protecting scenic, natural and cultural resources. ACOPD works towards this by protecting jobs while encouraging investment from both public and private sources in the region, as well as conserving natural resources through preservation efforts and development plans.

Adams was a key figure in the Garden Cities movement and managed Letchworth when it was established as England’s inaugural garden city, before serving on Britain’s Town Planning Institute as its Chairman. Later invited by Canada’s Commission of Conservation as their Planning Advisor, Adams promoted legislation for planning regulations while publishing landmark studies while consulting on urban renewal projects in Kipawa (now Temiskaming), Quebec and Halifax following destruction from an explosion that took place in 1917.

Achievement and Honors

Adams rose quickly from rural roots to become one of the leaders of Patrick Geddes’ Garden City movement and one of its founders – including co-founding of the British Town Planning Institute and designing Lindenlea in Ottawa as well as developing an urban-renewal scheme for Halifax after being devastated by a munitions explosion in 1917.

He published many books and was an early proponent of university-based planning programs in the United States, helping establish planning departments at Cornell University in Ithaca and Berkeley University respectively. In 1989 he was honored as a national planning pioneer.

Personal Life

Speaker Adams represents Queens’ most diverse and first women-majority Council District 28, in Southeast Queens. As longtime resident of Hollis, Queens, she is actively engaged with the community as Chairperson of Community Board 12.

Adams became acquainted with Patrick Geddes and Ebenezer Howard’s Garden City movement under their guidance as one of its founders and presidents, the Garden City movement being spearheaded by Ebenezer Howard himself. Additionally, Adams played an influential role in town planning across Canada by helping influence legislation adoption as well as founding the Town Planning Institute of Canada in 1919; additionally he published several landmark planning studies and designed company towns like Lindenlea in Ottawa and Hydrostone district in Halifax which was built to rebuild working-class neighbourhoods destroyed during 1917’s explosion.

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