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New York City Mayor Eric Adams’s State of the City Address

The mayor plans to inform migrants of opportunities in other cities and work with national nonprofits to identify welcoming communities. He will also create a 24-hour intake center at Port Authority of New York City for asylum seekers.

Adams’ plans drew considerable interest from both the public and media. Gothamist and Politico featured his commitment to streamlining housing developments – such as hotel and office conversions – into his plans.

Early Life and Education

As a teenager, he taught private students in a one-room schoolhouse. From this experience he gained insight into the fact that successful teaching depended on encouragement rather than punishment.

At 19, he decided to follow his dream of becoming an attorney and traveled abroad, studying German language and writing sketches for local newspaper publications. While there, he worked as law clerk to save up enough money so he could apprentice under an attorney.

Adams gave an interview to WNYC’s Gothamist at our Greene Space on his plans to make NYC more affordable, safer, and healthier. Specifically he discussed keeping repeat offenders off of NYC streets; connecting job seekers to employment; initiating curbside composting programs; and increasing housing development including turning office buildings into apartments. For the full interview please click here.

Professional Career

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is on a mission to make municipal government look glamorous, so he kicked off his second year with a Broadway-style production at Queens Theatre that featured singers and dancers.

In his address, Mayor de Blasio detailed several initiatives he intends to pursue, such as instituting 311 as the new front door for non-emergency calls and opening a science park and research center in Kips Bay. He also advocated for electrification of school buses and rideshare vehicles and working towards increasing green jobs within public schools.

He met with Gothamist editor Josefa Velasquez of WNYC Greene Space at their Greene Space to discuss his housing moonshot and its challenges, which you can watch the full dialogue here.

Achievement and Honors

Adams County received the American Planning Association (APA) Gold National Planning Achievement Award for their ASARCO Redevelopment project. This endeavor has successfully transformed a toxic industrial site into a vibrant economic hub.

Adams is currently a senior at Thiel College majoring in actuarial studies, business administration and accounting; she also performs as a feature twirler with Tomcat Marching Pride. Adams has been honored as one of the school’s Students of the Month for December as well as joining both Chi Eta Sigma business honorary society and National Society for Leadership and Success membership organizations.

Mayor Adams revealed his pro-development platform in his State of the City speech, including plans for more housing in Midtown Manhattan and several initiatives intended to encourage youth towards STEM and cyber careers.

Personal Life

New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ State of the City address focused heavily on development issues. Gothamist and Politico quickly highlighted Adams’ announcements of affordable housing commitments during his address.

John Quincy Adams traveled throughout Europe as a youth, joining his father and older brother on diplomatic missions. As minister plenipotentiary for Russia, John was in an ideal position to observe Napoleon’s invasion and subsequent failure to subjugate it.

Addams’ research of the communal geography of typhoid fever revealed political corruption and business avarice as the driving forces behind its spread, prompting her to reform municipal bureaucracy by creating more equitable distribution of city services and modernized inspection procedures – leading to changes such as those seen with League of Nations membership (and later UNO membership). She ultimately had an influence over both organizations.

Net Worth

Cord Adams has over two decades of investment experience serving high-net-worth families, business owners, endowments and foundations. His emphasis is on wealth planning strategies designed to protect and grow their wealth while simultaneously providing them with spendable income streams.

Net worth is calculated by subtracting assets (what you own) from liabilities (what you owe). One useful tool to assess net worth is our personal financial statement template for our clients – giving an overview of finances over time as well as being used by loved ones to settle estates after your death. For more information please use our free Net Worth Calculator!

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