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Adam Gazzaley, Eric Adams, and Josh Chaudry Discuss the Adams Strainer

Filters dirt & debris from water supplies to produce process quality water for process services, eliminating costly bag and cartridge filter systems and significantly decreasing downtime, labor & maintenance costs. It boasts the highest dirt-holding capacity among automatic strainers while featuring an easily accessible backwash slot opening adjacent to its drum surface for backwash.

Built to suit a range of industrial applications, the automatic self-cleaning strainer removes dirt and impurities from liquid streams reducing downtime, manual intervention costs and replacement expenses.

Early Life and Education

Adam Gazzaley is an award-winning cognitive neuroscientist, author, and public speaker renowned for his groundbreaking research that has been featured in high impact media such as The New York Times, TIME, Discover, Wired and NPR. Additionally he founded and directs Neuroscape: an applied neuroscience laboratory focused on novel brain assessment and enhancement technologies.

At an early age, Adams began committing himself to environmental conservation. Joining the Sierra Club and accompanying High Sierra tour groups for six summers as trip photographer was only the start. When hired by the Department of Interior to decorate their headquarters with large photographic murals of national parks he soon transformed himself into an activist credited for significantly contributing to expanding national park systems.

Professional Career

Company provides industrial filtration equipment such as automatic water strainers, shell and tube heat exchangers, aftercoolers, and cyclone separators that satisfy industrial liquid filtration and heat transfer process needs. Their products can be found across numerous applications in industries like automotive, chemical/petrochemical/oil/gas production; food/beverage; steel/metal production; paper/glass manufacturing and mining among others.

Eric Adams has dedicated his career to public service as an NYC Police Officer, Senator, and Brooklyn Borough President. But now his focus lies in improving family health through whole foods plant-based initiatives in New York City – something which drives and inspires him – something which is changing lives while safeguarding our planet’s future.

Achievement and Honors

He has made significant contributions to his community by serving on several elected boards such as the McCann Vocational Regional School Committee, Adams Housing Authority and Conservation Commission as well as serving for over two decades as Town Meeting Member-Precinct 3. He has long served as a member of both Adams Economic Development Committee and Town’s Police Athletic League. Even though 2009 presented many challenges and poor revenue forecast, he’s proud to note that Adams managed to come together through its strong sense of community spirit to accomplish major successes such as reopening a downtown project and continuing several successful youth programs. He also serves as Chairman of Adams Planning Board.

Personal Life

Eric Adams has made an immense difference both professionally and with his plant-based initiatives, living proof that one person can make a lasting impact and leave behind hope for others.

Adams was an ardent environmentalist, working to preserve nature through advocacy in Congress for national parks like Kings Canyon National Park – even earning himself the name of one of its mountains!

Adam Adams has held several leadership roles within the local community including serving on the McCann Vocational Regional School Committee, Adams Housing Authority Board and Conservation Commission; currently, he sits as Town Meeting (Precinct 3). Furthermore, Adams has appeared in many theatrical productions including five acting credits on Broadway.

Net Worth

Ohio-based entrepreneur Adam Chaudry has made quite the name for himself in business. With a law firm and serving as COO of a strategic technologies company under his wing, as well as co-founding Chaudway Enterprises alongside Josh Conway to produce physical and digital products together – as well as being an attorney specialising in criminal defense and civil rights, Chaudry stands out among his peers in business circles.

Chaudry and Conway are also behind Handy Pan, a nonstick pan with an inbuilt strainer. After coming onto Shark Tank seeking investment for 20% ownership of their company, but failing to meet Kickstarter campaign goals, Chaudry continued promoting Handy Pan; his net worth as of 2023 is $250,000. Chaudry currently lives with his wife and children in an Ohio suburb.

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