Adams Swingarm

The Adams Swingarm

Adams Performance chrome moly swingarms have been specifically engineered and tested for drag racing use, yet can also be utilized by grudge bikes and feature four inches of axle adjustment, making them an excellent option for riders who switch classes regularly.

Shaft-jacking can be reduced by positioning the final drive sprocket near to the pivot point of the swingarm, shortening chain travel distance and thus decreasing squat. This increases torque production.

Professional Career

The Adams Strongarm is a lightweight chromoly swingarm equipped with brass oil-lite bushings and an attached bracket holder (brackets sold separately). Furthermore, there is a rear air tank integrated into its design as well as an integral CNC brake hanger to complete its features. It was created specifically for use on GSXR1000s.

Justin states that they use a Showa A-Kit suspension on Adam’s KX450 and will experiment with different spring combinations until finding what feels best for Adam.

Adams Arms is headquartered in Brooksville, Florida and offers employment to those from Florida and surrounding states. Below is an average salary range for Adams Arms jobs; please note that actual figures may differ depending on responsibilities, skillset, experience level or any other factor involved with each role; please use this list only as an indicative guide when searching for work at Adams Arms.

Personal Life

Racing runs in Tony Adams’ family, as evidenced by Noah Adams taking home both FMF Sponsors Cup series over summer and Southern Classic Championship this fall. This lightweight chromoly swingarm includes brass oil lite bushings for improved ride quality; an air tank integrated into its arm design; as well as a CNC brake hanger and nitrous bottle bracket holder (not sold separately). Overall length measures 23 3/4”

Net Worth

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