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Douglas Adams and His Towels

Cheap microfiber towels often come in different colors and feel rough to the touch, with some even having multiple thread counts for greater texture. Unfortunately, their rough fabric may scratch paint, clear coat and piano black plastic trim pieces if carelessness prevails.

Adams’ quote and 42 remain deeply embedded in Hitchhiker’s Guide fans everywhere. Honor Adams and his work by hosting a Towel Day party!

Early Life and Education

Adams references Paul Simon’s 1980 soundtrack album One-Trick Pony while writing the fourth book in The Hitchhiker’s Guide series. While playing it repeatedly while writing the book, Adams noted how it inspired one character’s passion for Dire Straits albums.

Towel Day was first observed in 2001, just two weeks after Douglas Adams passed away at age 49. The event pays homage to Adams as author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series which has since been turned into numerous books, television shows and movies.

Fans honor Adams by wearing towels everywhere they go and gathering in pubs to drink beer in his memory. Additionally, Towel Day serves as an opportunity to teach children proper towel folding etiquette!

Professional Career

Adams was a prolific author who wrote across multiple mediums. While best-known for The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy trilogy of books, his output also included radio shows and television series, feature films, computer games and Monty Python sketches.

Adams donated proceeds from his towel sales to Save the Rhino International, a British conservation charity. As an animal rights advocate and fundraising event participant for them regularly.

Adam’s Double Soft Towel combines two premium microfiber towels sewn together at 16″ x 16″, making an effective drying rag that minimizes water spots during Detail Spray applications and rinseless washes in 5-gallon buckets, as well as wiping down vehicles using Detail Spray or during rinseless washes in a 5-gallon bucket.

Achievement and Honors

On May 25, Towel Day commemorates author Douglas Adams and his books, particularly The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Fans wear towels in his honor and post images on social media; his towel serves a psychological function; it allows others to assume that its owner also possess additional items like toothbrushes, face flannel, soap, flasks, maps compass balls of string gnat spray wet weather gear and space suits.

Don’t Panic Labs of Lincoln, Nebraska hosts its annual Towel Drive to collect towels for People’s City Mission’s distribution to those in need. Donations of time or money are welcome too – attendees are encouraged to bring towels with them as part of this drive and be reminded not to panic (the name of this company comes from Adams’ famous quote!).

Personal Life

Adams was a self-described radical atheist and environmental activist who was also an enthusiastic technophile, having adopted technology such as Macintosh computers, email, Usenet news groups and various gadgets long before their mainstream adoption. Additionally, he collected cars and was passionate about biscuits – two traits shared with other notable technophiles like Bill Gates.

He was an accomplished writer, making contributions to radio and TV shows as well as writing, performing, directing stage revues in London and Cambridge. Additionally, he co-wrote or performed in Monty Python’s Flying Circus sketches.

Adam’s Microfiber Towel is constructed of ultra-soft, highly absorbent microfiber material woven to strict quality standards that is machine washable and designed to outperform cotton cloth, shop towels, terry towels, chamois or any other utility towels currently on the market. You can treat it with Adam’s Microfiber Revitalizer in order to keep its appearance like new for longer.

Net Worth

Adams had become a multimillionaire by 2008, using his wealth to invest in restaurants (he guaranteed loans on two Rinaldo Grisanti & Sons Italian eateries) and art (he and a partner once invested $1.4 million into Mary Cassatt paintings). Additionally, real estate acquisition was part of his strategy in Florida and Colorado.

He was an active supporter of Save the Rhino International and donned a rhino suit when climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to raise funds for their cause.

On Shark Tank, he pitched his Ta Ta Towel garment – but did not secure a deal – without success. However, the company is successful and currently sells various tape types including Kinesiology Tapes, Self Adhesive Wrap, Athletic Tapes and Ice Packs at $5 million valuation as of 2022.

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