Adilene Adame

Adilene Adame – Born in Friona, New Mexico

Adilene Adame was an exceptional young woman who lived by high standards. She excelled academically and graduated from Eastern New Mexico University with an MAEd degree.

She was an esteemed special education teacher and cheer coach at Friona High School; therefore her death is an immense tragedy for both the community and her loved ones.

Early Life and Education

Adilene Adame was born and raised in Friona, New Mexico. At Eastern New Mexico University she earned both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, serving as student leader on campus helping other students have their voices heard; cheerleading coach at Friona High School; special education teacher. Adame had a deep-seated passion for basketball that she would compete at regularly; this propensity for being competitive drove her onward throughout life and made Adame one of its fiercest advocates.

Friona ISD and Castro County communities share our condolences over her death, which will leave many grieving. Those who knew her will remember her fondly; many will miss her dearly.

Professional Career

Adilene Adame was a special education teacher and cheer coach at Friona High School, having graduated from Eastern New Mexico University with her master’s degree. Known for her focus, determination, and high standards. She was an enthusiastic, independent person who enjoyed shopping, exercising, and helping others. Additionally, she cared for both her mother and brother. Family and friends that will miss her greatly include: Efrain Rocha of Friona and Bertha Alicia Rocha Lomas from Hereford; brother Antonio Adame with wife Hannah from Hereford; grandparents Efrain Rocha and Eustolia Lomas of Mexico; aunts and uncles Jose Antonio Grajeda, Patricia Rocha with Aviu Rocha Procoro Rocha Aneline Rocha Jacqueline Morales as well as numerous cousins and friends;

Her funeral services will be held on Monday, May 30 at St. Teresa’s Catholic Church in Friona with burial to follow at Friona Cemetery.

Achievement and Honors

Adilene Adame graduated from Eastern New Mexico University in May of 2018. As part of student government and basketball teams at ENU, Adilene also had an exceptional academic career achieving both her Bachelor and Masters degrees.

She received numerous honors, such as: the University of Texas at Austin President’s Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Education; a New Mexico Governor’s Scholarship, National Merit scholarship and Presidential Honoree scholarship. Bertha Alicia Rocha Lomas and Alberto Guzman raised her, leaving behind one brother and numerous cousins and friends as their legacy.

Her funeral services will be held Monday at St. Teresa’s Catholic Church in Friona with Father Gregory Bunyan as celebrant and burial will follow at Friona Cemetery arranged by HANSARD FAMILY Funeral Home of Friona.

Personal Life

Adilene Adame was an ambitious individual with high standards for herself. She achieved much in life, from graduating Friona High School in 2013 to earning her Master’s degree from Eastern New Mexico University.

Her death came as a shock to Friona and was deeply mourned. Friends and family came together on Sunday evening for Rosary services before the funeral on Monday at St Teresa’s Catholic Church with Father Gregory Bunyan officiating, paying a fitting tribute to all she accomplished throughout her lifetime. Please keep her family in your thoughts and prayers as we remember this remarkable woman.

Net Worth

Adilene Norberta Adame was a teacher and cheer coach at Friona High School. Born and raised in Friona since childhood, Adilene attended Eastern New Mexico University to earn both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, excelling academically as well as in student government – helping fellow students in any way she could – as well as hard work on each sport she participated in; Adilene was also part of Friona High’s cheer team; this loss has devastated her mother Bertha Alicia Rocha Lomas as well as numerous aunts uncles and cousins.

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