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Adorable accent pieces for the living room

Most of the time is spent in the living room, so it should be functional and comfortable. Regardless of whether the focus is on the home entertainment system or on the relaxation area, one should emphasize an accent point in the room. Sometimes this happens by itself, for example if you have a fireplace, attention is focused on it. In this post we introduce different accent pieces. Which do you like best?

These are our favorite facilities for relaxing, entertaining or entertaining, where one would like to spend time.

Accent on the sofa and coffee table

Acrylic glass coffee table yellow sofa fresh colorful living room modern

Acrylic glass coffee table in front of the yellow sofa gives the ambience a fresh and colorful touch

Visually divide your living room with the help of the sofa table along the back of the sofa. Place the couch in the middle of the room and arrange it with a few decorative items. You can place a stone figure or a sturdy vase there for a dramatic and sophisticated look. This combination optically divides the room and ensures substance and functionality.

Accent on a fireplace or mantelpiece

Fireplace console as an accent elegant and classic-living room modern

The fireplace console as an accent is color-coordinated with the room furnishings. The whole look is sleek and classic.

Fireplaces or mantels make perfect accent pieces in the living room. Choose solid wood or a black fireplace. They also create a warm and inviting atmosphere. For lightness and an airy feeling in the room, orientate yourself on white or another light color, such as light gray or light blue.

Sitting area in the living room

Living area rustic coffee table made of glass living room modern

Rustic living area spiced up with a glass coffee table

Set up a conversation place for pleasant conversation with guests and highlight it as an accent point! Use armchairs here and arrange them around a glass coffee table. Decorative items such as a vase or a few picture books complete the effect. To create a nice and warm ambience, place comfortable leather armchairs and a wooden table. If you want more seating, try four armchairs against a long coffee table and a sofa next to the coffee table.

Sofa set

Modern living room corner sofa and TV armchair in gray living room modern

Modern living room with corner sofa and TV armchair furnished in gray

A spacious sofa set is not only a nice accent piece, but also offers enough space for your family and guests! The sofa sets are statement pieces of furniture and determine the look of the room. Choose them in white and arrange decorative pillows or blankets on them. In black, they even give the room more cosiness.

Built-in bookcase

Home library shelving system reading corner-living room Modern

Home library with a wide shelving system and a cozy reading corner

A ceiling-high bookshelf is sure to create the perfect accent piece in the room. The usual furniture should be discreet here so that the shelf could move into the center of attention. Somehow it takes the place of the fireplace if you don’t have one. Arrange your favorite books and other small items on it.

Adorable accent pieces for the living room

Adorable accent pieces for the living room

White coffee table dark blue sofa-living room modern

White coffee table combined with a dark blue sofa

Modern and colorful interior-living room modern

Modern and colorful interior

Fireplace console as an accent elegant and classic-living room modern

Fireplace console as an accent – elegant and classic

Fireplace television shelves design-living room modern

TV above the fireplace – a great, space-saving solution

Corner sofa and coffee table from modern rattan living room

Corner sofa with coffee table made of rattan

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