Advantages of a quad over a car: concept comparison

The advantages of a quad over a car are particularly evident in summer. Who hasn’t seen a cool quad whizzing past them? In the summer months in particular, it’s just plain fun to explore the area in a speedy car. But can a quad really replace a car? A small concept comparison provides answers…

What can a quad do?

Sure, you see it more often, but of course some basic knowledge can’t hurt, especially when you’re wondering what advantages a quad has over a conventional car. ‘Quad’ is derived from the Latin ‘quattuor’ and stands for the number four. Advantages of a quad compared to a car: with the Access AMS 4.30 as a sports quad, a CVT transmission eliminates the shifting workIn German usage, a distinction is made between quads that are designed as fun for leisure and generally have a rigid rear axle and 4 × 2 drive. On the other hand, there are all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), which, as off-road and work vehicles, have all-wheel drive and luggage racks. The boundaries between ATVs and quads are of course fluid, after all driving ATVs is a lot of fun.
Advantages of a quad over a car: the Access AMX 8.57 cuts a fine figure as an ATV with all-wheel drive both off-road and during work assignmentsBoth quads and ATVs are small four-wheeled motor vehicles. Depending on the version, one or two people can ride one behind the other on the quad. The seat on the quad consists of a kind of saddle, like on a motorcycle, and the quad is steered with a handlebar. Most quads are powered by a four-stroke engine, generally with a single cylinder. The gearshift is also more like a motorcycle: in the classic sports quad, the gears are sequentially engaged by foot; in automatic quads, a CVT automatic transmission takes over the switching work; CVT variator is standard on ATVs. In order to be allowed to drive the quad, a category B driver’s license (car) is required.

And what are the advantages of a quad over a car?

First of all, the fun factor: driving a car is certainly fun, but sitting on a quad is something else. Although no roof protects against wind and weather, the wind blows in your face and you simply feel ‘free’ when driving. Advantages of a quad over a car: Both in racing - like here on the Dynamite Tours men's playground - and in everyday life, the question arises as to which vehicle is more suitable for whomA motorcycle also meets this criterion, but a quad does not require a separate motorcycle driver’s license due to its four wheels.
Another advantage compared to the car: the search for a parking space. Especially in the inner cities you often have an advantage with a quad because it is smaller and more manoeuvrable. In addition, you spend more time outside with a quad and maybe also explore routes and paths that you cannot easily drive on with a car. In addition, leisure and adventure can be wonderfully combined with a quad, since you can sometimes take part in quad tours and one of the many quad meetings in Germany, Austria and Switzerland – the dates are always up to date on the website www.ATV-QUAD Often even the fuel consumption (depending on the model and consumption) is cheaper than with a car.
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