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Advent wreath ideas – a light is burning ……

I would be completely honest and say it right away: December is my favorite month of the year! Now the days are getting shorter, the sun is hiding behind a layer of clouds and snow is slowly falling from the gray sky, covering the ground and everything around us. The magic of this season can also be felt in the small details. We are all in a happy mood and in anticipation of the most beautiful festival of the year – Christmas. There is now a deafening anticipation in the brightly colored winter decorations in the city centers and at home. The Advent season is here…. And it still has a lot to offer! For example, a large selection of culinary specialties that you can enjoy with friends and family at a beautifully decorated Christmas market and drink spicy mulled wine with it. But what is actually the eternal symbol of the Advent season? Without a doubt, this is the Advent wreath that decorates the dining table in every home for four weeks.

Traditionally, the family comes together there every Sunday and nibbles on Christmas stollen and cookies, drinks aromatic coffee, chats or makes plans for the New Year! Yes, the Advent season is so delightful and enchanting! Full of good anticipation and new hope!


So sublime and beautiful! White candles and white base, adorned with cute animal figures and green fir trees!

advent wreath rustic

It can also be a little rustic! All four candles burn on the 4th of Advent!

As already mentioned, a house that is decorated for Christmas traditionally also includes an Advent wreath. It shortens the tense waiting time for Christmas and enchants young and old every Sunday with its candlelight. The Advent mood is always happy and lively! In order to create these successfully at home too, we would like to show you some ideas for Advent wreaths. In our photo show you will find eye-catching wreath designs that are made in different designs. There is the classic Advent wreath made of fir branches, but also very modern versions. Here you will also find a rural Advent wreath and one in retro style, which are also easy to replicate. Regardless of whether you want to buy an Advent wreath or make it yourself, it must always have 4 candles. And a little light should always be on … .., at least on Sundays during Advent!
Enjoy the Advent season and have a great Christmas!

Arrange your Advent wreath yourself – with green fir branches in a small basket, decorated with gifts from nature and 4 candles too!

retro rustic candles

Arrange your Advent wreath yourself – with green fir branches in a small basket, decorated with gifts from nature and 4 candles too!


Enchantingly beautiful and modern! White candles are always eyecatching! And here it smells of fir and cinnamon!


An excellent craft idea that fully deserves our attention


During your walk in the forest, you can certainly find everything you need for a natural Advent wreath.


Green fir and willow branches can be wonderfully paired with white candles and decorated with delicate flowers

advent wreath ideas

Discover the beauty in the very simple things! Sometimes cones are enough to make an Advent wreath arrangement yourself


Wind your own Advent wreath – use green twigs, jute thread, straw ornaments, cones and glittering stars


Minimalistic in the Scandinavian style, but always gorgeous!


Knit your wreath yourself and decorate it with pompoms

advent wreath ideas decoration

Very discreet and yet enchanting!

green advent wreath

Burn light, burn…. It’s Advent time!

naturally-already-decently-decorated-advent wreath

You can also achieve a strong visual effect with little effort


You can combine four purple candles with silver-gray jewelry and shape the wreath on green moss

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