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Is AEW Worth the Investment?

Antony Rafiq Khan, better known by his initials “Tony”, is a businessman and sports executive residing in England. He co-owns two professional teams; American football franchise Jacksonville Jaguars (NFL) and English soccer club Fulham FC (Soccer). Tony Khan was also co-founder and President of All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

AEW has quickly gained in popularity and is seen as a legitimate competitor to WWE. Reports indicate that it is valued at billions.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

All Elite Wrestling (AEW), formed in 2019, has quickly made waves in the wrestling industry since its establishment. Renowned for its talented roster and cutting-edge business strategies, AEW is quickly establishing itself as an alternate option to WWE, making waves of its own as it attempts to become the dominant global promotion in this space.

Even with its rapid expansion, the company has yet to turn a profit; nonetheless, they anticipate significant revenues being generated in future.

Stanford sports business professor Andrew Feld recently estimated AEW at $400 Million – less than half the market valuation of WWE but enough to fund several weekly tapings and PPV events.

Some fans have taken issue with the valuation, suggesting it may be falsely high. Others remain doubtful over its accuracy as AEW still needs time to grow before reaching $2 billion in revenue.

Achievement and Honors

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Since 2019, when Tony Khan, son of a billionaire, founded AEW as its founder, its growth has been exponential. Drawing on talent such as Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks as its backbone, it has emerged as an alternative to WWE.

Brandon Thurston and Chris Gullo addressed a recent Forbes article which estimated AEW to be worth approximately $2 billion, although this valuation seems overinflated; nevertheless, it shows how AEW is having an effectful influence on wrestling industry trends.

Personal Life

Khan owns and operates multiple businesses outside AEW, such as sports franchises such as NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars and English soccer club Fulham FC.

AEW continues to thrive despite these difficulties. Their television show, AEW Dynamite, consistently ranks highly in ratings; and All In is expected to become one of the year’s largest wrestling events.

Although successful, the company’s financial situation remains unclear. Khan invested $100 million when he launched the promotion in 2019, yet it’s unclear if any of this has been recouped yet. YouTube revenue can’t provide an accurate reflection of its net worth; should more lucrative TV contracts come through in future promotions their net worth could increase dramatically.

Net Worth

AEW has quickly established itself as an effective competitor to WWE and is becoming a financial threat as well. According to Mike Ozanian’s Forbes article on AEW’s valuation at $2 billion.

Some have expressed skepticism at the figure presented, including Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter; however, AEW could easily surpass Bellator in value and could exceed that figure as well. Meltzer pointed out that Bellator has an estimated market value of $500 Million while AEW may easily double that amount.

Shahid Khan is a billionaire himself and owns both the NFL Jacksonville Jaguars and Fulham FC in England, in addition to several other teams and businesses across the US. A fan of wrestling himself, he helped found American Extreme Wrestling World (AEW). Additionally, Shahid is known for treating his talent well while pushing innovation within the industry.

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