Affordable family vacation? – Off to Croatia!

cheap family vacation
A country full of (pen) islands: Croatia, photo by Palo Cech

For a long time Italy was the most popular travel destination for German families. In the meantime Italy is considered to be a very expensive holiday destination and many families are drawn to other European beaches, where they can take a somewhat cheaper holiday. This also includes Croatia. With a coastline of 5,664 kilometers, there are plenty of beaches to discover. The mostly calm and flat Mediterranean is well suited for holidays with small children and there is also a lot to explore inland.

The arrival

For those who do not live in the very south of Germany, Croatia is not exactly around the corner. And depending on which part of Croatia you want to travel to, the journey is even longer.

The journey with the automobile is in any case the cheapest and has the great advantage of being mobile on site. The disadvantage, however, is the rather long route (depending on where you come from and which destination you are heading for). But if you don’t want to torment yourself through the entire route in one go, it’s worth it Stopover to insert. How about a day in the mountains before heading to the coast? If you divide the route into smaller stages, everyone can recharge their batteries in between – and you can see a lot more of the world.

Who with the Aviator comes and wants to rent a rental car on site, pays a high price for this convenience, especially in the season. Outside of the summer holidays, however, the chances are good that you will be able to choose the best from many cheap offers.

Alternatives to hotels in Croatia

As in every holiday country, you will find countless hotels in Croatia for the most varied of requirements. However, many families want to make their vacation more individual – and Croatia lives up to this claim.

Vacation with a caravan or mobile home

If you have a caravan or a mobile home, you can not only easily divide the journey into stages, but also the entire vacation. If you want to see more of the country, you can stop for a few days at various campsites before you continue on to your next adventure. You can even find many outstandingly beautiful places for camping right by the sea. Thanks to the mild climate, you can endure it well in a tent as well as in a mobile home. The summer months are of course best for camping.

Holiday apartment

Camping – whether with a tent or a caravan – is not for everyone. Personally, I can do without shared bathrooms and chemical toilets.

If you long for peace and privacy, you should consider whether a holiday apartment is more suitable for you. In addition to more living comfort, it offers everything a vacationer’s heart desires. Often the landlords even leave books and toys for the children. You can also cater for yourself thanks to the fully equipped kitchen.

Excursion destinations in Croatia

If you want, you can lie on the beach all day in Croatia and swim in the crystal clear sea water. Or discover a new bay every day! But those who prefer to spend their vacation actively will find just as many beautiful excursion destinations. One of the most famous are the dreamy ones Plitvice Lakes. Unfortunately, the entrance fees are correspondingly high. Depending on the season, you have to reckon with over € 30 per adult. But there are discounts for students and children from 7. Under 7 years of age, admission is even free.

There is also a huge range of water sports along the coast. You can go sailing, take a boat tour, try diving or water skiing. Or how about a trip to the marine center in Losinjwhere to watch dolphins and turtles? In addition, there are numerous churches, monasteries and monuments in Croatia – yes, themselves UNESCO World Heritage Sites – to admire.

The architecture and the landscape show a striking resemblance to the Italy mentioned at the beginning. Since Croatia is also one of the Mediterranean countries, it is hardly surprising that even the kitchen offers well-known things: pizza & pasta as well as all kinds of seafood. In Croatia, however, you pay a lot less for it …

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